A look back – August


So, midway through 2020, huh? How many shopping days until Christmas and when will Easter Eggs be available? 😛

As another month rolls by in a cycle of rinse and repeat home office malarkey. Shall we flick through the YATGB photo album? 🙂

In 19 that pretty top was a hand-me-down from the Ever Lovely Mrs J. I struggle a bit with picking a pattern, but the monochrome on this is something I love.

I notice that jeans and leggings feature quite heavily this time of year. They’re one way to not get too hot and also hide the Wookie pins. 😉 Taking of jeans, I really don’t like those straight leg ones in 11. That may explain why in 12 they became cut offs 😉 Plus, are those cage sandals that I love really that old? Wow.

17 sees Birkies for the first time and also a semiopaque top that’s surprisingly cool in summer. I did feel good in that outfit. Almost as much as in 15 which felt very everyday. Maybe that seems odd to celebrate the typical, but I think if you look at this as being fully okay with who you are, then it’s different.

For 10 I can’t fit into that skirt and it feels too short now. Fun back then though! In 14 sees the wrap dress and then in 18, I’ve had to put a top under it as I’d got slowly wider in the passing years 😁

Being on holiday means 13 is a blank. Going back to15 and 18, I feel my most comfortable. Not in terms physically, but being okay with who I am.

I wonder what September will bring?

L x


  1. I do love these retrospectives of yours. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I have always said that it’s the authentically feminine look you choose that counts for most. This is what women have genuinely been wearing in the Twenty-Teens, not some fantasy ideal. I dare say that in twenty years time we’ll look back and laugh – what on earth were people thinking wearing stuff like that! – as we waddle about in boob tubes, luge boots and képi hats (or whatever the style happens to be in 2040). Hope the rest of the summer is peaceful. Stay pretty. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. Very kind of you to say so. It’s all quite…. everyday part time trans person. There’s no high fashion or high end items. Perhaps that’s true for most of us mere mortals, rather than the lure of the glossy’s Weekly Must Haves. The latter are sometimes inspiring, but mostly out of my price range and ability to wear too. I dare say that’s probably true for the Ever Lovely Mrs J and a few colleagues at work

      “…dare say that in twenty years time we’ll look back and laugh…”

      Sometimes it’s twenty minutes, days, or weeks! 😁

      I passed a poster of NHS staff and I noticed two folk sporting the look of eyebrows rather than eye makeup look. That and the rise of more visible tattoos for people. I don’t mind either look provided they suit the person and make them look better than before.

      Mind you, people in homemade cutoffs shouldn’t throw stones 😉

    1. Thank you, Midnight. Maybe with a bit of luck – and cooler temperatures! – that’ll work for September.

      Good to have a chat last night.

      PS: 13 has my best side 😁

  2. 14 is a pretty look and I’m rather envious about the cleavage. How did you take to the longer hairstyle? It suits you. I also particularly like 17 and 19 in this selection.

    1. In 14 that’s a synthetic wig and as your head moves, where it touches your neck, the fibres get a bit frazzled. Clothing conditioner can help. I guess like proper long hair (those where the days! 🙂) it takes a bit more care.

      The dress could be quite low at the front, hence the change to a vest top underneath. There’s a lot of be said about boob tape and chicken fillets.

      Also liking 17 and 19, thanks Susie.

  3. I like the all Lynn, the main thing for me is you seem to be happy in all of them which has to be a good thing as far as I am concerned. I have to agree with Susie, in 14 the hair looks fab, ok I know only too well the problems with long synthetic wigs, but the look does suit you!

    Have a lovely week!


    1. Fingers crossed the week goes well for us all.

      As to happy. Well, I guess I was having a night out with friends, even if technically, we stay in 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words re the photos. I’m not sure what happened to the wig in 14. I wonder what happened to it?

      A few of you have been kind enough to say nice things about the longer hair look. I still really like the style in 17 onwards. Funny how we like different things I guess.

  4. There are a lot of good outfits in there. I think 14 is a real winner. The hair, the outfit, it all really works! 🙂

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