Another midweek post? Well, why not. It’s not like we’re getting out of the house 😁 Yes, it’s been a rather lovely long weekend at Jones Towers. I hope you had a good break too.

Given the change in the weather I decided to buy some new sandals. Not fancy ones, but some bloke ones. I did get 20% off which I cool, so I’m waiting on the delivery. I did look at what was on offer in the nicer rails, but given the lockdown and a wider collection of heels, wedges, ballerina pumps, and boots: I decided against it.

Excluding some garden wellies, I think I’ve got three pairs of bloke shoes. Some ankle boots, a pair of Converse canvas trainers, and dine old brogues I only wear for posh of dos. Hold on, and some slippers ‘cos I’m not far off 50 and I don’t like cold feet. 🙂 Meanwhile, in the Lynn side of the cupboard… biker boots, umpteen pairs of heels in various colours, some flats, wedges, espadrilles, knee boots, but no trainers. Truth be told the knee boots were bought by Mrs J. Possibly fourteen years ago. I trade her use of the biker boots and pass along my ballet pumps in return.

But, and to get to the point, on a whim I started to write the year and month in the side of my bloke shoes. The Ever Lovely Mrs J asked “didn’t you buy those last year?” and not being sure, I’ve put the dates in.

While flicking through photos for the Looking Back post, I noticed a few favourites in there. Certainly the black Mary Jane heels (easier to walk and dance in) and the cage sandals. The actual purchase date is lost in me, but maybe I’ll start to keep track of those. Not for any great reason, other than curiosity and the question: when does this become vintage? 😁

Take care & stay safe, L x


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