Hello Wednesday, you old devil you. Could it be that I glimpse the weekend closer to then further away? 🙂

The other night I happened to catch a rather good BBC documentary about medicine and chemistry. Now, I’m neither, so from a lay person’s point of view, I found it all very interesting. The programme closed with a look to the future in which various folk spoke about combining molecules to create drugs to interrupt specific biological processes: in this case, pain.

We’ll come back to that in a minute. Well, longer if it takes me a while to get to the point. 🙂 Ah, to be paid by the word for this malarkey eh? 😉 Where was I? Oh yes, these last few weeks I took took the opportunity to try and grow a moustache. Well, it’s not like anyone is going to see me and with a facemask on those rare trips to the shops, why not? I think I’ve learned two things this week: 1) despite giving it a good month or so, I’m not someone who can grow a good one, 2) it really didn’t suit me. Still, a spot of silliness in the world right now is very much the British approach to life 🙂

So, was that a minute? 🙂 This morning I woke up early and I’m really not an early bird. I had hot shower and for the first time in many weeks, I had wet shave. I don’t usually bother, so the razor use is pretty much a Just Before Going Out thing.

Later, as I slapped on the moisturiser, last night’s documentary came back to me. If biochemistry can find the answer to switching off pain, could they find a way to turn off beard growth? It seems a little flippant when I look at that thought given the more pressing needs around COVID19 and a myriad of other more pressing medical issues, but a moment of What If can be an interesting way to spend some time.

What if, Indeed. What would such an invention do to the grooming industry? Particularly razor blades sales. How long before women (and dine of us part-timers) start using on legs? 🙂

If you can switch hair growth off, can you switch it back on? Not that I think I’d suit long hair at my age, but losing one’s hair when Trans* is not a pleasant experience. It’s not like I’ll transition and yet the disappearance of my hair, well, stung a bit. I don’t mind getting older, it was more the loss of choice.

So, in the unlikely event a chemistry expert is reading this and you get a bit bored during the lockdown, just give it a bit of thought and let us T folk know, okay? 😉

L x


  1. Like most trans people my age, I am loosing a certain amount of covering from the top of my head, however that seems to be partly replaced by growth in the nose, ears and eyebrows. Surly with the expertise of these world renowned scientists they could develop some way to move the growing part to the now non-growing part and thus revitalise many a receding hairline. After all it’s all hair……. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have long flowing locks, but of course, like you being part time that might be a tad inconvenient.

    I have never tried to grow a moustache, but unlike you I wet shave every day and have done so for as long as I can remember. I have having hair on my face, and almost everywhere else as well (too much information). But if someone could make a product that was able to stop facial hair growth it would see me a lot of time and cost. However the ‘grooming’ industry might not see that as a step forward!

    1. Ah, well perhaps we need to put Nosethatch- be-gone on our wish list as well? 🙂

      Until that day comes, there’s a rather good male grooming kit available online. It has a trimmer for your nose, eyebrows, and ears if you need those taming too.

      Maybe it’s my age in that I’m finding longer and now more than one grey eyebrow hair. Still, the trimmer keeps them in a good shape.

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