Enjoying the moment


After the hustle and bustle of the previous weeks, it’s now the Easter Bank Holiday. Clearly I didn’t feel I was busy enough, so I booked a skip to be dropped off. I know, I’m being very middle class. 🙂

After much sweeping, playing keep/throw/maybe, and occasionally some choice language, the conservatory is clear of rammel (junk/clutter). There’s space to spread out, look out into the garden, and I feel I can relax knowing the job is done.

There’s a few items to go to charity, but with the lockdown in effect, that’s not going to happen for a while. Still, maybe there will be space in the garage…. once I’ve dejunked that. Bugger 🙂

One thing about Spring Cleaning that’s always stuck me, is it it a nature or nurture thing? Is it the lengthening of the days, the brighter weather, or something in our body clock that makes us do what we do?

While the research is still ongoing on what makes us transgender, perhaps like Spring Cleaning, it doesn’t matter. What does, is not to fight our nature, but to accept and see where it takes us.

Hidden treasures

On a note about T, while clearing up I saw the old pirate chest I used to keep my ‘other’ clothes in. Wow, that must be nearly twenty years ago or more. Funny, if I look back I can remember the first wig I had, a few carefully folded clothes, and a few items of makeup.

Back then it was just myself and the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. I had a job that had flexitime, so I was grabbing an hour here, an hour there, to be all of me. There was little chance of working from home given that job and the technology of the day.

Now my clothes are hung up, I’m enjoying regular night’s out to Chams, I get to work from home, and our two amazing kids are in our lives.

Despite the worry of what might be around COVID19, right now, the sun is warm, I can hear birdsong, and just maybe, I’ll enjoy the moment and think on how lucky I am. Plus, each time I think it’s Saturday, I realise that’s tomorrow and we’ve extra days off after that.

L x


  1. Lynn it only takes a worldwide pandemic to bring out our domestic side. You have a conservatory clearer than in years and you found your old girl clothes trunk. I intend to construct a steel carport. The steel arrived. I had genuine offers of assistance from sons and sons in law, which I now cannot accept because of distancing laws. Oh well, the construction will keep me inventive and fit. For safety reasons I will not be wearing high heels on scaffolding or ladders.
    To you and your good wife and children, have a very happy Easter and stay well.

    1. If it is the End Times, at least things will be tidy before we go 😁 Dark humour aside, we can sit in there, look out at the garden, and enjoy the sun. Perhaps with us being in lockdown, having things a little nicer than before is I think a good thing.

      Good luck with the carport construction. I hope that goes well. Safety boots may well be the order of the day if you’re up on scaffolding or ladders.

  2. Hi Lynn

    I don’t know about the spring cleaning thing, but in the situation we are in now, I know a lot of people are suddenly doing a lot of it! We don’t know what makes us trans, or anything else for that matter, as you say accepting who we are, the person we are, and just getting on with life is a great way to live. Now that I have accepted that I have a strong feminine side to me, and also accepted that it is always there I feel happier in life. So in a way I don’t need to ‘spring clean’ my life as perhaps I tried to do in the past………..

    Lets all enjoy the positives in our lives, and for most there are a lot, if you think about it. I have t say it would seem the weeks are getting longer and I thought yesterday was Saturday!!!

    1. Perhaps faced with time on their hands and limited outlets for distraction, folk are turning their attention to home? Neither Mrs J nor I are furloughed, so the ‘working week’ is still a thing. But, with less travel time, more time at home, and having the opportunity to do a little at a time, I feel there’s a chance to get on top of things a little. Well, even if the dishwasher seems to be on everyday and the washing laundry basket is never empty. Still, both of those gadgets help bring time to you.

      Good to hear that you’ve reached acceptance. I think that is one of the hardest things about being on the transgender spectrum, letting yourself be okay with who you are.

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