Thursday was a small island of calm in a far busier than usual week. Due to the fall of some meetings, I decided to pop into town. I had a few things to do: banking, pick up some items for the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s Mother’s Day gifts from the kids, and I took a chance to get some new foundation. Town was very quiet – even for a working day – and the car park near the centre was far emptier than I was used to. It would be both a cliche and incorrect to say it was a ghost town, but parking was certainly a lot easier.

So it is that the Coronavirus – and the preparations – are making themselves known. My working week has been pretty much filled with helping sections of the organisation plan how to work out of the office. While I’m not aware of anyone who is ill and given I’m still on my news diet, I couldn’t tell you who said what, when, or how. What I can say is that when folk talk to me about events, I get to hear their point of view, and compared to the barrage of negativity and fearmongering, hearing things through another’s view holds my interest. I get to hear what they think about it, we discuss things a little, and if I’m really curious – which, frankly, I’m not when it comes to the news – I can go and look things up.

Hopefully, I didn’t surprise the person at the Clinque desk when they offered me some help. When it comes to buying cosmetics – and clothes really, I guess – I’m finding honesty the better policy. I think the help and service I get is just as polite and there are times when I’ve had some really helpful advice from someone far more in the know than I. This time, I left with a slightly lighter foundation and a quick test run in the very quiet shop meant I felt I was heading in the right direction.

Cue Thursday evening and I got to try the new foundation, as well as some new tights (Builders’ Tea from Snag), and a new skirt. I’m still struggling in getting my hair as I’d like it, so I think calling in on TrendCo for some expert guidance might be a good idea. Well, assuming they stay open given what’s going on. 🙂 Then again, with a bit of luck, they may be visiting the group in the near future.

So far the centre we meet in for Chameleons remains open and I’m not hearing anything counter to that. Listening to a few friends at the group and outside, a few people are practising working from home, and I’ve heard that travel is down – even if the planes are still flying. I hope for two things: one, with a little luck and good judgement, we get through the outbreak fairly unscathed, and two, I hope that as people realise that working remotely can be done, maybe, just maybe, we might all travel less. Perhaps if we do, there could be a little more flexibility and more importantly, less pollution. I think the Earth could do with a breather.

Take care,


  1. For some thoughts on life in self-imposed isolation, have a look at my latest post

    We’re a few weeks ahead of you here in Italy. I hope that the UK will be sensible and take suitable precautions and people will stop being either terrorised by this bug or aggressively selfish. Stay safe and I hope you and your loved ones will be virus free.

    I love the colour of you top. Oh, and by the way, nice rack!

    Sue x

    1. Thanks for the link. I did read that with interest. Not just to check you are okay, but also to see how things are playing out.

      Maybe we’d have more loo roll and more trees if we stopped newspapers for a bit 😉

      As to the top, the green wrap cardie was a hand-me-down from the Ever Lovely Mrs J and the ‘rack’ is from too many sit down video meetings 😀 Still, I’m managing to get out twice a day with the hounds for a stroll.

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