Partial Visibility


Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility and despite the lockdown situation, Trans* folk are doing what they can to be more visible.

In the spirit of honesty – not that I lie or deceive on YATGB 🙂 – I struggle with days like today. Sure, I run this blog, I try my best to be an ally at work, and there’s what I do to help out at Chameleons. Thinking on the latter, there’s the outreach work we do around that too.

There are times when I feel I could do more. That I should be out, open about who I am, etc. But, if I take a pace back, I think that’s the guilt talking.

Perhaps, like now, I should ask Would I say this to a friend? and the answer is no, I would not. So to you dear reader, if you are pushing back against the negativity directed to Trans people, if you’re getting out and being you (the real or digital worlds), if you’re being open about your gender with family or friends: then you are doing your part.

Each small thing we do helps, each act of kindness, each moment in which we make this part of the everyday: in those, you are helping.

Keep being you. You are valid and you are awesome.

L x


  1. Hi Lynne, hope you are ok?
    It’s really interesting, I think one strand of my decision to transition came from the fact that living half as male and half as female was deeply frustrating. That desire to be visible, to be seen, to be truly known is a powerful instinct.
    Take care,

    1. Hi Sarah. Yes, doing okay as a rule. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well given the circumstances.

      I think each person’s decision to transition – and equally not to – are both really personal and very varied.

      Your point about being known and of I may add to that, to be accepted for who you are: isn’t that what most of us want as people? Just to get on with life and for folk to be okay with the real us.

      1. Hi Lynn, I’m ok – it is awful and I’m completely stir crazy, but hoping more Nottingham work might come off over the coming months PC (Post Craziness), so it would be lovely to see you.

        I agree and its a good catch – I think we do all want that. Can I just say it and I’m not sure that its right, but trying to get it out. The price to be known, for me, was high. I really feel for people who are never known because they can’t, for whatever reason, let people know who they are.

        Take care lovely,

        1. Yikes, a bad case of cabin fever? At least it’s not an actual temperature tho. I hope you catch a break around that.

          When some work in this neck of the woods pops up, do let me know and we can catch up. That would be cool.

          As to the price of being out, yeah, it can be a high one for some people. I guess we have to make the most of the hand we’ve been dealt.

          Stay safe!
          L x

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