Little Moments


A work colleague said that their day was made better by small things. As I sat – sans webcam – listening, I smiled, as being at home I’d taken the opportunity to not just getting the washing on, but to slip into something more comfortable 🙂

The conversation moved on and when the remote meeting was done,I thought back to their comment. What are my little moments?

  • Finding a small pocket of time in which I find I don’t have to be rushing. No need to be doing, going, or making. Instead, I can pause to watch the world go by.
  • In some seasons, the sunshine shining through the leaves overhead.
  • In winter, slipping on gloves that have been warmed on the heater.
  • Opening a new pack of tights, easing then on, and sliding my feet into my heels.
  • The unbridled joy of the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s laugh at a joke shared.
  • The sound of one of our dogs woofing gently in their sleep.
  • A cool shower on a hot day and a hot shower on a cold day. Luxury.
  • When I wear a new shirt and it makes me feel good about myself as a guy.
  • When I find a little gift I know someone would like.
  • When I get my lippy just right.
  • Running a trans workshop and seeing people ‘get it’.

I’m sure there are more if I think about it, but what about you, dear reader?

Take care,

PS: That last point about a workshop, the nice feeling you get when you see the payment clear into the group’s bank account. 😉


  1. I don’t get the thing about shirts, but that’s probably because I take almost no interest in male clothes and wear the same uniform of black trousers and blue shirt during the week. My male half has a very boring wardrobe and limited color palette. Mind you, 90% of Susie’s wardrobe is pretty monochrome in black, grey or white. Why this fear of bright primary colours?
    Moments: a slide into a nice hot bath on a cold day. Buying and giving an unexpected present. Cooking a meal that turns out just as you hoped it would, and having it appreciated. Hearing a favourite song on the radio you’ve not heard in a long time (The Cure’s Just Like Heaven or Friday I’m in Love, or anything by Tom Petty will pretty much do it for me on most days). That point where the sun suddenly illuminates the landscape in sharp contrast to a dull leaden grey sky.

    1. Thanks for sharing yours, Susie.

      Shirts: a fancy shirt – as in patterned and bold colours – help bridge the gap between my two different wardrobes. That’s about as interested in bloke clothes I get. Well, other than the right fit of jeans 🙂

      A monochrome wardrobe has lots of variability in terms of items that can be mixed up to do different looks. Yes, the palette is not as bright, but everyone is different. Personally, I love a good print – particularly ditsy or flowers – but it’s all personal taste really.

      A change of weather and an old favourite heard on the radio sound cool too.

  2. Well, my best little moment of the week has surely got to be reading the latest post on YATGB!
    Now that the obligatory flattery is done I’d just say that this is a nice little post about what really matters, the moments, however small, that actually make life worthwhile. I try to get as many as I can in a day.
    These include:
    – the sun feathering my face with its warmth
    – arranging newly washed and dried lingerie in the drawer
    – (like you) time when nothing needs doing
    – a good belly laugh, preferably with friends
    – the moments every day that I dedicate to reading a book of my choosing
    – reading a letter, postcard or email from a friend
    – my head hitting the pillow and pulling the covers up to my ears. Night night.
    Sue x

    1. Flattery will get you through the spam filter 😉

      Oh I love a good belly laugh. The moment in which you’re lost in good humour and the chuckles keep coming. Truly joyous.

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