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With the nights drawing in and Halloween now behind us, I’ve started to think about Christmas. I’ve been planning lists for my family and also thinking about the Chams Xmas Do. Mind you, we have a Bring & Buy lined up and a visit from our friendly, neighbourhood wig experts, TrendCo, before the party.

I have possibly three outfits I could wear again: red bodycon dress from the 90s, a black dress with lace top, or separates. The latter include a two tops and a sequin skirt. There’s also the option of going brighter and wearing the Desigual dress the Ever Lovely Mrs J bought me for a birthday many a moon ago.

But…. I would like something new to wear. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s not wanting to feel like I’m wearing the same things even if that’s better for my purse and the planet. That and not having to opt for opaques feels like quite the luxury.

I have my eye on a dress from Amazon and I need some time for that to arrive. I’ve also got some shoes on order – albeit it at a sale price – which are this season’s barely-there heels. They’re not block heel because while that may be easier to dance in, I’m not a fan of the look.

Given the barely there shoes and currently smooth pins, I’m toying with the idea of fake tan for my legs (Scottish White, if you’re curious about the shade), tinted moisturiser, or some ‘air brush’ make-up for the night itself.

Funny, as last month I went to a family do and all I needed was a pair of black trousers and a shirt/tie combo. That took all of about thirty seconds to decide on.

This on the other hand, I’ve been looking on and off for the right dress (not too short, not too long, right arm length, etc) and trying to find shoes that will go with it. Then there’s the practicality of a trial run because if being trans has taught me one thing about a fancy night out, you don’t leave it until the event itself to work out if things are going to fit and/or work. Seriously, cut yourself some slack and if you’re going to try a new look, give it a go well before the night or day out. 🙂

Ah, the difference between ones wardrobes eh? Still, if the shoes don’t work, I shall be back to tights and not worry about leg make-up.

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  1. Firstly I agree with you early there heels look much better than Block heels, but you have to consider where you will be wearing them. I was at Pink Punters last night, and although lots of girls wear fabulous heels the venue is a bit unforgiving and so flats or block heels are the answer. But your proposed barely-there-heels should work well for you, and look much better it has to be said.

    I don't think I could go with bare legs, I have to wear tights/stockings, but if you can pull it off, go for it what ever shade you choose. Now you have to choose a dress, there are plenty about at the moment, I'm always buying them! But I have to agree you have to try it before hand to make sure everything works. I've been there, thinking an outfit would work, getting ready on the day only to look in the mirror and think – no!

    And, yes in male mode, thirty seconds to decide on an outfit is a bit long for me!

    Great blog Lynn!


    1. Thanks, Andrea. I've not been to Pinks in ages. I went with a friend, ooo, probably ten years ago (there's a blog post, natch 😉 ) and it was an experience. I hope you had a good time.

      I have the dress as it arrived on Friday. The shoes won't be in until Monday, so any trial run will be later on. I've never done bare legs, so I guess we'll see. Or, rather, you won't see if it doesn't work.

      A bit of a multi part project. 🙂 Dress suitability. Shoe fit/function. Legs: bare/fake tan or tights. If tights, toeless depends on shoes. If toeless isn't suitable, we're back to me typical options. Well, relatively speaking 😉

      Compare that to my bloke mode routine: which pair of dark trousers go with the shirt.

    2. It's funny how I could never understand why it took a woman so long to decide on what to wear and actually get ready. Well I know the reason now! A friend has set a challenge as to who can wear a dress with the most sparkle to Pinks in December. Well I have a few options, none of which I have worn in a while so I had better heed your advice and do a pre Pinks trial! I have one very sparkly dress and a couple with glitter, the problem with glitter dresses is they drop the glitter everywhere leaving a trail around the house, which will not please Mrs R! So I will have to be careful with my trial!

      Anyway good luck with your dress / shoe / tights/no tights trial and let us know how you get on!


    3. In fairness, there are more garments and that may mean more prep is required. At least depending on what level of fanciness is required. Big do, night out, interview, work photo, etc; vs popping to the shops or taking the dog out 🙂

      Good luck with your trial run too. Oh, T Pro Tip: put a sheet down to capture the sparkles or Hoover afterwards. If you vacuum, use that time to practice moving about in your new heels 😉

  2. Given the large number of "moving parts" and difficulty of assembling them, wearing a fancy outfit is, as you say, much harder than people realize. With much possibility for things going wrong. My frequent problem, when dressing by myself, is the inability to zip up back of dresses. They ought to come with assistants!

    1. Moving parts: yes, that's a good way to look at it. Perhaps the design needs a rethink. 😉

      Oh, for long zips on the back of a dress, a friend suggested a paperclip or safety pin tied to some long string, and the hook the pin/clip through the fastener. Just don't forget to remove said item before leaving 😀

  3. At the risk of sounding like a cliche. It isn’t a night out of I haven’t pulled several outfit’s from the wardrobe and laid them on the bed. 😉

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