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It’s a late post from me as it’s been a busy evening. The computer in the kitchen has popped its clogs (see also creased to be, is an ex-PC, etc) and I’ve not been able to fix it despite trying my luck. This machine is the one Wee Man and Little Miss use for homework and, off course, gaming. Parts of the system can be reused and the rest recycled. The Ever Lovely Mrs J has kindly dipped into the family piggy bank to replace it. I hope it arrives in good health as both children are keen gamers.

Trying something new

In other news, I tried a new cut of an old wig, but I think it needs a little more work to style it. That’s more in my hands I think. Still, sometimes it’s good to mix things up a little. Oh, the leg hair situation is still as is and having proper pins is helping me stay more okay with who I am. I’ve not felt the creeping tendrils of dysphoria for a while now and that’s rather good in my book.

Talking of busy, last night at Chams was quite eventful. After getting changed and coming down the stairs, I bumped into a chap waiting in the foyer. Having put my foot in it once by asking a non-T person if they needed to get changed, I decided to not assume. 🙂 Having asked if they needed any help, I found out this was one of our new visitors, I did the usual meet and greet routine, resulting in a sit down with a drink. I think I spotted at least another four people who were fairly new and it was good to see that some absent friends were back with us too.

The group voted on having a bring & buy sale, showed their interest in a visit from a bra retailer, and Pat kindly volunteered to try and book our friendly, neighbourhood wig experts: Nicola & Steph from TrendCo.

Val’s calculations on the varying attendance were useful and I think we’ll make more use of that when the funding clears. I did get some feedback saying the price increase a few years back made it tough for some to attend.

It’s a tough one. We need to take in a fixed amount each month to cover room hire. As much as I’d love to give price breaks, it starts to become unsustainable very quickly. If it’s cheaper for one group of folk, the other people have to pick up the slack. Rather than risk any bad feeling around who pays what, the grant money will be used to lower the fees. More on that when the cheque clears.

So, yeah, a busy – but a good type of busy – evening with lots of things to think about. Yay for those who help out. Volunteers keep the group ticking along. Meeting new folk, helping with the drinks, getting supplies (biscuits and tea FTW), running outreach training, posting in the forum, or coming up with ideas for events, etc: they all help keep the group going. I think they help make it a community, not just a collection of people thrown together.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the computer popping it's clogs, very annoying when that happens and inconvenient as well! I have to admire the work and effort you and your friends put in at Chams, not many people will put in the amount of effort you do. I am not a member, but if I'm in the area I would definitely call in. Running any voluntary organisation is always hard and difficult and I suppose there is never enough money, but somehow you manage it, so well done!!

    1. Yes, and expensive 🙂 But, these things are meant to try us and as the new one arrived today, so we have a very happy Little Miss.

      If you're in the area, do pop by. Well, at least after checking we are open. That would take the shine off otherwise. 🙂

      Yeah, the group do pull together and that really helps. TBH, most of the stuff I do is… Ah, I've made a mental list and if I write it down, it may come off as big headed, and I really don't want to give that impression! 😀 No, most of my stuff is just admin and the real magic is those who sort out tea/coffee, set the place up, and do the all important welcoming new folk. You might also say that those who 'fly the flag' when talking with other organisations/T people, then they're doing their bit too.

  2. Don't play down the effort, you and of course the other team members put in, you all spend a lot of your time for the good of others, that is something you all shooed be very proud of your selves, so well done!!!

    1. I think most folk chip in as best they can. It's not for everyone and that's fine. If everyone tried to do something, I think we'd get under each others feet… and that's not to be trifled with when in heels 😉

  3. I do hope the Chams will stay healthy, financially, and still wish I could attend a gathering someday.

    Love the hair. I've got one very similar to yours.

    Calie xx

    1. I hope the group keeps on too. I'm just helping out by keeping it going, and one day it'll be time to let another volunteer take the lead.

      If you make it over, it would be awesome to meet up after all these years. Alternatively, there's always video chat. Less faff, less travel. 🙂

      I'm liking the colour, but the restyle hasn't taken yet. Steph, the wig expert, said it may need a soak and combing into shape. Maybe when I'm working from home next week I'll get chance.

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