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Ah, Friday evening. The promise of what might be at the weekend, and this time around, it’s half-term too, so the kids, the Every Lovely Mrs J and I will all be away from school/work for a bit. While it’s not quite Spring yet, it feels like it’s been a long Winter. I’m very glad of the break and I think my nearest & dearest all are too.

I think it’s interesting how certain times of the week affect my emotions. I think we’re all aware of the dreaded Monday morning, and the positive mood in the office around late Friday afternoon. Wednesday has that midweek slump, or – if you’re in more of an upbeat vibe – it’s hump day as you crest the start of the week and can see the exit ramp not so far away.

Perhaps it’s all due to the treadmill of school days and office time. Odd that when I worked shifts, which mean the occasional weekend and midweek break, I hated them. Perhaps that was due to my thoughts about my weekends being my own, and even though I got time during the week, everyone was at work. Ah, all those wasted opportunities eh? But had I the confidence – or even the clothing – to make it out back then? No, I certainly had not, and I don’t look back and think of missing out, only that it was a long time ago, on a housing estate, far, far away. Hmm, that seems familiar somehow 😉

So, what’s being going on over on Planet Lynn? Well, despite Chameleons being on the same night as Valentine’s, the place was very busy. I shall let you draw your own conclusions about why that might be, but I dare say the thought of trying to get a table for two on such an evening would be A) problematic, and B) busy. I don’t wish to sound like an old grump – although I’ve been told I’m quite good at it 🙂 – and I’ll say that I think if you love someone, you don’t have to wait until certain times of the year to show that.

I remember the Ever Lovely Mrs J saying – quoting, I found out much later – something like ‘familiar acts are beautiful through love’ many years ago, and the phrase has never left me. Little gifts – like a cute card, earrings, flowers, chocolates, and even comfy socks – aren’t the point, but I think it is the thought behind them. I wouldn’t buy red roses at this time of year, but I would – and have – bought cards and that card is never on its own.

Plus, it’s not that there needs to be a stream of presents, but certainly a constant of care to show that you love the person. But, hey, don’t follow this as advice: I’m just saying how things are going here. For all I know Mrs J could be mad as hell…. actually, that’s not true: if she was ticked off, she’d tell me. She’s a straight-talking northern and I wouldn’t want her any other way.

Thanks to Val for
the photo idea

In T related news I’ve had mixed results this week. The good news is that I bought a new waist clincher. This fastens at the front using hook and eyes, then a zip that goes under the bust to haul you in a bit more. It’s a lot easier to get into, move around in, and is more comfortable than a corset. Plus, at around sixteen quid from Amazon, worth a punt and I’m pleased with it.

In the on-going saga about trying to make my now-not-so-new red skirt work, I popped into Matalan and bought a half-slip. Yes, I must now be a lady of a certain age. That or a bloke who’s not quite worked out that some skirts are lined for a very good reason. Answers on a comment form below, but no prizes 🙂

So, I measured the skirt, measured the slip, and thought I was spot on. Ah, I had fallen into the usual trap: not writing down the length while I was at home. Duh: you muppet. 🙂 I get to Chams, get changed, slip said slip on, try the skirt, and…. I’ve got about 2″ of it showing. Clearly, I should not pursue any type of DIY hobby where you measure twice and cut once.

But…. maybe I could shorten it and iron some InstaWeb to hold the new shape? What could possibly go wrong? 😉

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  1. Hi Lynn,
    A wonderful wrap dress and a great picture.
    I must try that pose with one leg straight and the other slightly bent with its knee in front of the other knee.
    Penny from Edinburgh

  2. Ah, yes, the slip and skirt mismatch that drives a sane woman bananas. I'm pleased it's not just em, though, as most of my female relatives have had obvious mismatches at times. Maybe this is why jeans have become so popular!
    And another cutesy feminine picture to add to your album.
    Sue x

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