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How’s things? Me? Oh, I’ve been better. At least it was only a bad cold. Gah, and what a stinker! Usually, I find that colds run as follows:

  1. That slightly odd feeling in your head (no rude comments, please! 🙂 )
  2. Lots of sneezing followed by a nose running like a tap.
  3. Wanting to eat all the food in the house.
  4. A bit more sneezing
  5. 36 – 48 hours later, everything’s fine.
Items 1 and 3 might just be me, so please don’t trust any research where N=1. Oh, I missed off item 4.1 where I breathe into envelopes and send letters to people I don’t like. 😛
However, this cold seemed to be quite the bruiser and it’s only now – a good five days later – that I am feeling much like my old self. For a time, I wasn’t even interested in shopping. That’s clearly a sign that Something Isn’t Right With Lynn. Don’t worry, there’s a very long list of things where I’m not quite right, but let’s gloss over that eh? 🙂
So while looking for some a suitable (and legal) photo to pop int this week’s blog, I stumbled on said item to the right. Now, earlier in the week I’d read about people of a certain political leaning being ‘awoken’ by a certain colour of tablet. Hint: it’s not the green & white ones. 🙂 It was a disturbing read – and I say that as someone both trans and left of the centre – that people could be ‘turned’ towards, shall we say, less tolerant political views… and worse. 
I’m not going to talk about the negativity of the above. Instead, I’m going to come back to Our Different Journey and ask something else.  
  • When did you first feel trans?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Did you embrace or run from it?
Those of you who’ve either followed this blog, or have had a poke around the site, may well have come across the Our Different Journey section of the site. To be honest, it’s something I did in days gone by. Those answers are snippets in time from when they were written. While I think things may have changed for some of those writers, perhaps much will still be as is. I’m still thankful they took the time to answer my questions and share what they’ve learned about being trans.
Talking of that, this week I had a very nice email from someone, saying that reading those journeys had helped her. As I’ve said once, and will no doubt say again, if just one person finds help or solace in this blog, that, for me, can only be a good thing.

Update: I also had an email reminding me about the extension to the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. Please do take the time to complete this survey so that trans voices are not lost. For anyone thinking there’s some all-seeing, all-knowing Trans mafia out there pushing our agenda, sorry kiddo, that ain’t true. Trans rights have to be pushed for, either by us or allies. So, if you an ally reading this, or a trans person – part time or full time – please do one extra awesome thing and tell the UK government how important this is. If you’re not sold by my words, have a read of the PinkNews article on those organising against trans rights.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your cold. I've been lucky enough to have avoided one so far this year (which is rare for me), and am wondering if it's because, for the first time ever, I actually got a flu shot this year. I've long been skeptical of the value of those, largely because I hear that they're not as effective as most other vaccinations (largely because of the way the influenza virus is constantly mutating); that said, the one I got this year seems to have worked. That's good because my last cold/bout of the flu was NOT a fun experience. Usually those things last three days for me: a day for the symptoms to first appear (with me, the first sign of a cold is usually a dry mouth and feeling of thirst that no amount of fluids will get rid of), a day for the disease to do its worst (which for me usually means endless coughing and sneezing as well as the sore throat from hell), and then a day for the symptoms to start abating (and my lungs and sinuses to get rid of lots of lovely, yummy-looking gunk). Sometimes, though, the rotten thing sticks around a lot longer, which was the case last time. Hopefully, as we're now moving into the warmer part of the year down here, I'm safe for the rest of the year, though I know I can't rule out the possibility of a summer cold. They're always fun. 😛

    I think I've heard about the particular pill whose existence you learned of just recently – it wouldn't happen to be one of a more… crimson colouration, would it? I first became aware of the fools who claimed to have taken it and been "enlightened" about ten years ago myself, though they didn't seem quite as extreme back then as they do now (certainly, many of them seemed capable of writing blog posts and comments that didn't degenerate almost immediately into rants about how everything was one big conspiracy by (((those people))) to bring about "white genocide"[*] or somesuch rubbish). I know there was one blogger, in particular, from that part of the Internet whose grip on reality seemed to grow ever more tenuous over the years. He always was a bit of an arsehole, but when I first stumbled upon him he came across more as a lovable rogue than anything else; he also wasn't a half-bad writer. Now he seems to have turned into the reincarnation of Julius Streicher, and his florid rants (on the very few occasions I bother to read them now) make him sound like someone who's gotten brain damage from huffing too many of his own farts. Unfortunately, though, I think movements like the above will always attract lost souls – there's something very seductive, after all, about the idea of knowing something "they" don't want you to. I gather that's how Scientology works – it promises to teach you how things "really" work, only to then suck you into accepting a view of the world that becomes increasingly at odds with reality the deeper down the rabbit hole you go.

    *And isn't it hilarious to hear Nazis rant and rave about genocide?

    1. Said tablet may will be within the crimson to magenta pallet, yes. How did you guess? 🙂

      I had a mate from school who seemed very much into the Big Pharma conspiracy and other things. I remember reading this on his timeline over on StraightBook and I did ask: What's your evidence for this? Who is telling you these things? but I rarely got an answer. In the end, I hid his feed because it got wilder and wilder – and not in a good way. #FNORD 😉

      I'm all for a bit of conspiracy in a thriller or early X Files, but when people start taking such theories very seriously, I do worry.

      Still, maybe they say the same thing about we gender varient folk… and they'd be right 😉

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