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Another Thursday, another good night out.

A few weeks ago, I’d caught sight of a news item about how modern life is making many people lonely. Social media may connect us, but – IMHO – it’s not the full experience of meeting someone. Text on a screen with no tone, sparkle of eyes, or knowing look. Not that the article was to demonise such technology, more draw light on how it affects us. Have you sat in a restaurant or similar, and seen couples or families all looking at their phones, rather than talking to each other?

A new top thanks to the
Ever Lovely Mrs J and a snap
by Val.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I find using my smartphone to stay in touch with trans friends really helps. Just, not at the cost of not talking to people who are with me. Certainly, the Chameleons’ forum helps with that, as does this blog and I’m always grateful for a comment. Not because I know folk are reading, but that they’ve something to say. Just because I’m not in Lynn mode all the time, it doesn’t mean I can’t be partially in the zone, if you will.

Going back to the article, as I read it, I was reminded of my family and also friends over at Nottingham Chameleons. Sure, we may meet only twice a month, but it is a community. There are those you are close to and those you know vaguely, but we do listen & talk to each other. There is, at least for me, a connection with people, with friends. People I care about and when I had the car accident, or a visit from the Black Dog, I know they care about me. Sure, some folk may come and go, but there’s a core bunch of us who keep on coming, even if they’re regular regulars or irregular regulars. 🙂

That sense of belonging with people who get you, understand, and support is worth so much. Certainly, something to be looked after and very much appreciated.

Happy times!

Take care,


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Lynn look is always pretty and always authentic.
    I miss you on social media but I understand your reason for shunning Facebook. I agree that phones and media stuff are spoiling our real relationships – you only get part of a person on an app.
    Have a nice bank holiday weekend.
    Sue x

    1. That's a really kind thing to say about 'the look'. Thank you, Sue. A new would-be regular asked if I'd been taking something and she gestured to my hips. Other than pies, no. 🙂 It's just padding and the right shapewear. That and reading various 'what might suit your body type' articles. 😀

      Yes, I too miss a few folk having pretty much left Facebook. At least we have blogs and email. Plus, should we meet up again, we'll have plenty to talk about. 🙂

      I hope you have a good long weekend too!

      L x

  2. I'm another one who's noticed how ridiculously absorbed some people have become in their smartphones. I often see it at live music shows myself – sometimes half the audience seem to be more interested in looking at their stupid smartphones than actually watching the bands! It's bizarre! Even worse is when I start talking to someone I know, and find them pulling out their wretched smartphone midway through the conversation and starting to fiddle around with it (can you tell I don't like smartphones very much?). It's very rude although I suspect that in many cases the other person doesn't actually mean to be so impolite – it's just that messing around with their phone has become almost a compulsion for them.

    I've largely shunned social media myself – indeed, I think I'm the only person in my immediate family who doesn't have a Facebook page! I largely avoid it out of paranoia, I think – I've heard too many horror stories about people's employers snooping on their Facebook pages, to make sure they're not doing anything "naughty" out of office hours or expressing any kind of "forbidden" opinion on anything. If I did get one, I'd probably feel compelled to come across as as bland, inoffensive and generally boring as possible, and where's the fun in that?

    1. Would it be okay for you to whip out a book during chat as read that? 🙂

      In honesty, I have taken my phone out at work to check when my next meeting is, but that's usually after an 'excuse me'.

      That or faked a telephone call during exceptionally tedious meetings 😉

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