Turning a page


Sometimes, a new year can feel like a newly opened exercise book. An empty and pristine medium full of promise. There’s that beautiful first page which is both yielding and opening to writing on.

Conversely, the second page is thin, provides little comfort between you and the desk. In some ways, page two is like the first week back at work 😉 But, hey, I turned up, and therefore get paid.

Whatever you got up to over the festive break, I hope you enjoyed it. From a T point of view, I find that after the Chams Xmas party, it all kinda tired quiet until the first meeting of the year. Not that the trans stuff switches off, although there is more distraction with visitors and family time.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J bought me a very pretty black top. I’ve yet to try it on, mainly through laziness, but also because I’ve eaten rather well over the last two weeks. Still, making busy at work means less temptation, and, if this week’s errand-running continues, a better chance of exercise. Not that I’ve managed a spin on the old bike I left at work. It’s been too wet & windy. But enough of my dietary issues 😉

Have any of you faced the sales? I had a look online, but there wasn’t anything I needed, nor that caught my eye. I wonder if a shufti in Boots may find some reduced Xmas glamour? Something to look forward to.

I did take great pleasure in going through my Happy Memory Jar at New Years. Just over 100 scraps of paper, with scrawled jolly thoughts, cool coincidences, and good times. Nothing T related mind, given that we often have a look as a family 🙂 But, IMHO, a great way to look back and see what’s been great, so you can step into the new year with a smile.

Take care,

PS: Props to Pandora for the idea about the jar!


  1. I know what you mean about the new book thing and page two being like the first week back at work.

    I enjoyed a quiet Xmas and ate well too so probably have a good few pounds that will need shifting in the coming weeks.

    I have resisted the sales, staying away from most shops except Next where I treated myself to some jewellery and perfume.

    The Happy Memory jar sounds a great idea, might use that one myself.

    Take care Lynn, bye for now.

    Lotte x

  2. I love the memory jar. I often forget all the good things that happened at the start of the year by the time winter rolls round again. It's nice to be reminded it wasn't all awful 😀

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