Feeling festive


How are you? All sorted out for the big day? I hope so. I think I’m just about there with the wrapping and other preparation. Fingers crossed eh?


As I write, I’m sat in a shopping centre café watching the world go buy. The Ever Lovely Mrs J’s car is having a service, so I’ve a hour or two to wander about, somewhere out of town. There’s a gentle drift off shoppers through the store. They’re browsing rather than buying.

I had a brief look at the sale rail on the way in, but nothing caught my eye. As I’ve sat here and enjoyed my little pot of tea, I realised there was nothing I really wanted. How nice a feeling that is! To feel content with my lot and not too feel the need or rush to get something. Be that a new top, or shoes to go with an outfit, etc.

I finished the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s shopping a few weeks ago and…. umm… I may have got a little carried away. Ah well, I think it’s great to make an effort and get things people actually want. I know it’s a bit cheesy, but seeing the delight on your loved ones’ faces is truly awesome. Perhaps that explains my relaxed mood? Well, it’s either being happy in one’s own skin, having had time to relax, or the universal cure-all for Brits: a sit down and a good cup of tea. 😉

I guess I must be blessed and/or lucky given many in the world don’t have the luxuries that I do. My health, a family, my family, a steady job, food, a wife who loves me and there’s no violence. Not like others less fortunate.

So, if you will, please take a moment to think of the good in your life. Maybe that’s your friends, a pet, an event, or maybe the perfect pair of heels 😉 Whatever you pick, there’s something good going on.

After Christmas, I’ve got my Happiness Jar to open. I saw the idea from Pandora, a former blogger now on Facebook, and started to keep a note of Good Stuff ™ that happened to me, my family or friends. It seems the news pretty much reports the bad, which I sort of get, but at the same time, there’s still beauty and wonder in the world. The good thing about having an iffy memory is that a lot of the folded up Post Its, will be quite a surprise. 😀


Thursday was the last Chameleons meetings of the year. It’s not often we have a chance to meet up so close to Christmas, so it was a welcome occasion. Sure, quieter than usual, but quiet isn’t always a bad thing. It certainly gave me a chance to catch up with what people have been up to, even if I was late setting off.

Given it was Christmas, I decided to give my fitted red dress a spin. It’s a bit much for any other time of the year, but the festive period is usually quite glam, so hey ho, let’s go. That and my lace cardigan which seems to drift back into fashion with alarming recurrence. Not bad for two items that are on the cusp of being vintage. They’ve certainly weathered the years better than the owner 😀

I wasn’t late back, and I was back out 10 minutes later with a shopping list and Wee Man in tow. Mrs J likes to do a midnight run to get the Christmas dinner essentials, but as she was rather tired, we went instead. It was quite a hoot and we had a bit of a laugh. Clearly, we shouldn’t be let out without adult supervision. Ah, father and son time, eh? Quality.

BTW, it did make me smile thinking I wasn’t looking quiet so fatherly about half an hour earlier.


Whatever you’re up to this holiday season, I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and that you have a good holiday with nothing but happy memories and good cheer.

Take care,


    1. Hi Susie. Merry Xmas to you too, Mrs.

      Chams plans include trying to get Boots over with a makeup demo & sale, have our friendly neighbourhood wig experts back (TrendCo), increase our support for trans men, and sort our feedback on the funding. Oh, and be fabulous at all times 😉

      What's next for you?

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