Step away from the pie


To tell, or not to tell? That is the question. Let’s give this record another spin. 🙂

With apologies to the Bard, the above is a question that floats around my noggin from time to time. Perhaps, more accurately, you could ask, out or closet? I remember a news report about a researcher who revealed all of his secrets, on the basis that no one could hold anything over him, if he was totally open about his past.

So, why this thought now? Not that you asked 😉 With the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s folks house-sitting, or Wee Man staying home alone (yeah, he’s grown up quickly), I wonder, if either party are looking for something, if my extra clothes will be found. Now, I’m not saying they’ll go rummaging around in our bedroom, that would be rude. That said, I know Little Miss has a treasure hunt for her Xmas presents one year. Not that she’s done it again, because she found it took some of the magic away.

My wardrobe has bloke clothes on one side and my other clothes, on the…umm… other. I suppose there’s the line that it’s the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s overspill. So far, so typical. Now, what about large cupboard near my computer desk? A fine selection of heels, more than one bag of make-up and a large cardboard box, that houses a wig stand and old Ginger? Well, I suppose, if you go digging, be careful of what you may unearth.

Years ago, I used to keep the more transtastic items in a locked treasure chest. The kids would gather around and wonder what wonderful secrets where held inside. It seemed a locked door had more interest than anything else. So, I moved it and once it was opened – behold, the wonder of old blankets! 😛 After that, they were suddenly a lot less bothered.

Health kick

I had my over 40s health check this week. Hmmm…

F– off, I’m thinking size 14.

Well, my blood pressure isn’t great and my cholesterol levels are also the wrong side of healthy. Not dangerously so, but to ignore the warning signs, would be unwise.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J, bless her, has been working up a culinary storm; changing out diets for the better. Less trans-fats (wrong sort of trans, apparently), less salt, proactive yogurt (que?) and more veggies.

I’m trying to avoid thinking about being hungry and at work, that’s easy enough. Just get stuck into a report or some coding; the time flies. At home, temptation is a little closer and I’m doing my best. Today’s trip to the Lard Van, where they do the most fantastic bacon & egg rolls, was probably not the best idea, but I didn’t crumble under duress. 😉

Last week’s holiday certainly didn’t help (hello, weight gain), but I’ve got a reason to ditch the pounds. I’ve also promised myself, no new clothes until I fight the flab and there’s a lovely new Autumn/Winter collection due out soon.

Fingers crossed eh?



    1. Yes, there's that too! 😀 Good luck.

      It seems men's clothes are more forgiving, when it comes to being a little rounder. Women's clothes; they seem to show every bump and lump. Does that encourage body issues? Then again, maybe having a bloke body doesn't help 😉

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Like you I occasinally wonder what would happen if my daughter found the stash. It's not very well hidden…. I suppose I'd have to fess up.
    And the pounds – losing a few is definitely a good idea – I just wish they'd settle on the hips instead of my waist! Trouble is I get so _hungry_ if I don't eat..

    1. Therein lies the risk and yet our escape.

      Yes, hunger, although boredom often plays a factor too. Is keeping busy the answer? Well, to a degree.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I can fully understand your apprehension of the in-laws just finding things on the off chance while staying over. Kids have no inhibitions when it comes to being nosy. Any one finding my stash would know they are not Mrs.As she is small compared to me, 147cm in height and a size 2.5-3 shoe. As Mrs.A is also not in the know, anything she would find means the cat is out of the bag anyway. You mentioned shoes, I'm up to 30 pairs at the moment and that's quite a volume. As everything is in the cellar and it is in total chaos, she doesn't go near the place even with a barge pole. This is good protection at the present, but I will have to clear out one day and then will come the moment of "what's in there?" as she points to one of Abigale's then exposed boxes.
    Losing weight is a never ending story. What I have realised is the older one gets, the harder it gets. My timing is usually all wrong, I buy trousers and then try and lose weight. It means that I have to wear a belt on the first notch. Better than the other way round I suppose. I have also realised that weight change effects my girl clothes more than my boys. Boys can be baggy, girls need to show their curves.

    1. Hi Abigale,

      My In Laws (outlaws? 🙂 ) are lovely and I very much doubt they'd be looking. I suppose they could stumble over something, but that'd be more my fault.

      30 pairs of shoes seems a lot, but I think it's easily done. 😀 Have you plans to stash things further away, or just come clean about the whole thing?

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