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Last week I was wondering what to prattle on about and this week, I’d been trying to keep an open mind, about this, that & the other. I guess I’ll be saving those such ideas for a rainy day….. although we’ve had a few recently. It’s bloomin’ cold for May – so much for spring fashion. Most people seem to have gone back to their winter wardrobes. 🙂

I’ll warn you in advance, this will be about politics and if you don’t like reading about it, don’t 🙂

Often, I write about things from an emotional stance. Often the cause of a post is around how I feel, such as a good night out, or something good in my life, like time with the Jones Massive. Take for example, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones’s birthday the other day. That went well, with much relaxation for her, cuddles from the kids and presents from a hubby who not only gets the size right, but knows her tastes in clothes & jewellery. See, ladies, it’s not all bad news being married to a part time trans person. 🙂

Moving on, and skipping away from the bright, pleasant meadows of family memory, to the Mordor-like clouds that boil across the sky of my current mood. Let me put it this way: I was hoping we’d be shot of the current government.

Yes, I’m left wing and yes, I think those worse off than me should be looked after. I’ve had the bad luck to require a visit to the NHS. When Wee Man was tiny, we went though the NHS Direct system, because he had a dangerously high fever. Then again, there was the time of the car accident. Later, to help me get out from under the Curse of the Black Dog and many years ago, when the NHS pulled out all the stops, to keep my sister alive.

We’re comfortably well off. I live in a beautiful part of England and life is good. I have no problem paying a bit more tax, to ensure that those less well off are looked after. I certainly had a number of payments, back when I was out of work and looking for a job. The government looked after me, sure money was tight, but we weren’t out on the street. I know my sister has also been through the Council’s emergency housing system.

The more I look to the current government, the more I see the want to slash those services that look after people and to let business take advantage. Zero hour contracts and tax loopholes, which very big companies – I’ve not even mentioned banks, yet 🙂 – enjoy flexible accounting, that the rest of us would probably be locked up for.

Yeah, life’s good when you’re minted: but what if you’re not born into money, or you lose it? Life, or Fate, if you believe in that, can be cruel. Shouldn’t we be doing out bit to keep everyone healthy, rather than selling services off, and putting money before people? That, if you pardon the pun, sickens me.

So, yeah, I’m pissed off about it. I have a problem with anyone who puts money before people.

I’m off to have a large gin and try to calm down.

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    1. Indeed not. I'm rarely a fan of the right wing agenda. Mainly as my views are on the opposite side of the compass, I guess. This time, though, it seems worse. I don't recall Major's government being quite so ruthless, as this lot. Maybe time has dulled the memory.

  1. I don't mind paying my fair amount of tax, the problem comes down to how you define fair. Gordon Brown came up with wonderfully unfair way of taxing people called IR35. You could sub contract for somebody pay all the taxes the normally worker would pay in addition you could also pay employers ni, have no employees rights, no paid hoilday, no pension etc. If you are going to do something be fair to everybody

    1. Yes, the IR35 system didn't seem to fit. I remember large swathes of the IT press feeding back about this…. not that it stopped it. :-/

      There's a very good reason we all need rights defining in law – some folk just can't be trusted. A family relative works in employment law and he has some horror stories. That's not to say The Worker Is Always Right. There are ne'er-do-wells from both sides. I was once in a job, where the employer treated peoples' working rights as optional. That was really a bad place to work. You need, IMHO, a balance, for both workers and employers.

    1. Thanks. I was a little concerned this is the sort of post that drives people away. Maybe I should be less sceptical about the old adage: write about what makes you feel. 🙂

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