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I don’t know about you good people, but the long Easter Weekend was very kind to me. Plenty of time away from work and with my family. A few long walks in the woods (always a joy to see our dog bounding around) and some time for Wee Man & Little Miss to climb trees, or clamber about on old logs.

Oh, there was even a productive visit to Ikea and a chance to clear up Little Miss’s room. She does like to keep her room tidy. I think she manages this by keeping toys and colouring books in the kitchen, living room and anywhere but her room. 🙂 Still, a brief chuck-out session, some serious hoovering and some furniture assembly – with help from Wee Man – and we were sorted. Dare I say, everyone was happy? Now, there is something to blog about.

Thanks to Val for the
alternative photo angle.

With the weather warming up, it’s been interesting to see how fashions have been mixed and juggled, to bridge the tricky period of cold mornings, hot afternoons. Sleeves are shortening, opaques disappearing and it’s sandals or wedges, rather than boots. I did treat myself to some new footless opaques the other day. Rated 200 denier. Isn’t kevlar about 120? 🙂 They certainly had some fight in them, when it came to putting them on this Thursday.

Yes, Thursday was time for Chameleons Group (woo!) and having packed (just) three outfits, I was (I think) ready for whatever the spring weather had in mind. Anyhoo, the old favourite – my wrap dress – won out, and I tried to do something different with my eye make-up routine.

This is not the eye crease you are looking for

I’ve been reading up via YouTube, Pinterest and from some blog suggestions from V&A (see last time). I think I’ve got hooded eyes. That, or as Maddie once said: I’ve got fat eyelids too. 🙂

Well, I’m no expert, but the fact that I don’t seem to have an eye crease, maybe the tip off. This would explain why the classic smoky eye (Ed: nothing to do with cops or bears) doesn’t work for me and why many make-up tutorials just don’t seem to work on Muggins here.

But, with a bit of help from t’Interwebz, I think I’ve got a better idea now. On the plus side, I’ve not been doing it totally wrong, which is either blind luck or somehow, some knowledge on eye make-up styles, has gone into my noggin. 🙂

One trick seems to be to fake a crease (see left). Yeah, this does sound a bit odd, but it worked for me. You put the darker shade where you’d like the crease to be and then blend up. I think I may have overblended, because it sort of vanished a bit, but it did seem to give me a little more depth, than I usually have.

Oh, there’s also a couple of videos from some regular YouTubers – is that even a word? 🙂 – who have some very informative How To videos. SugarPuffAndFluff has one just on hooded eyes and she shows you – sans make-up (bless her) – what happens when you do it right and when you do it wrong (/waves 🙂 ). There also Wayne Goss, who, somewhat obviously, being a chap – although not (AFAIK) trans – I found it easier to relate to his techniques. I guess you’ve just got to keep practising and working out what works for you.


As to the evening itself, it was very busy. Seemingly far busier than usual, with lots of new people visiting, either for the first time, or now into their second visit. There was a slight comedy altercation with a glass of water (I shan’t name the culprit 🙂 ), during the announcement about the summer party. Luckily Sandi grabbed my mobile, so no harm, no foul; just a few chuckles.

Unlike last time, I got away fairly quickly, so I wasn’t too late to bed. All in all, a grand night out and with the afternoon off, to look after the kids, what a great start to the weekend.

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  1. It was great to meet newcomers again and there were three others returning for a 2nd visit which is probably more telling. Melissa's tales of security lights, car alarms, dropped keys etc whenever she tries to leave the house discretely are well worth hearing. If anything, I was later getting away. Everyone seemed very engrossed in conversation and it was only when I decided at about 22.50 that I ought to be getting off and put a couple of chairs away that everyone else seemed to follow suit. But for that I think it might have been like calling time in a pub 'Time ladies, please.'.

    1. You could be part of the Old Guard, at this rate. 🙂 BTW, were you sporting a new do this week? It looked really good on you.

      I'll have to find Melissa and hear her tales of daring do. 🙂 Sometimes the evening does run on a little, although with the group having a key to lock up, it's less of a problem. Just don't put the rumour around of a late night lock in, I don't want to be too late home 😀

  2. Yes, with such a regular supply of newcomers it does feel like I'm a well established regular already. But it's in my nature to make sure I have a chat with the newcomers to try to make them feel welcome – well at least I hope that's the effect it has rather than scaring them off. So in spending most of my time talking to newcomers there are several of the Old Guard that I haven't really had a proper chat with yet.

    1. Nothing wrong with being there to listen to people. I'm sure new folk appreciate it. I know I did when I first turned up and, IMO, meeting new people is interesting.

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