Make mine a ninety nine


The Longest Day has now passed, so the nights are drawing in 😉 I don’t do hot weather, or more accurately, I don’t do hot weather unless I can lay around, read and dip my feet in the pool. But, hey, you can’t have it all! More importantly, the pollen will start to subside, so my eyes will no longer feel like they’ve been rolled in itching powder when I get out of the car. 🙂

But, summer has its advantages: family days out, without the half an hour by the door, dressing up in Wellington boots/scarf/coat/thermals and getting warmer by the minute. Plus, summertime, there’s always ice cream on a hot day. Not good for the waistline, but I think, certainly good for the soul. Just a quick sit down on a park bench and watch the world go by, as you enjoy your 99. Hmm, there’s a KLF reference there I’m sure. 😉


After the very nice holiday and then the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s business trip, I was wondering when I’d next be out and about. Say, is this web page paying up, or is my eye twitching a bit? Oddly, not that I was pining – and certainly not ‘going up the walls’ – but I think wistful would certainly enter the conversation.

But with patience, sometimes, there comes a reward. In my case, working from home in the morning and then the afternoon. Now, if you’re a crafty so-and-so, you’ll plan your IT tasks so they requires long gaps  to complete the updates…. Gaps in which nails can be done, make-up applied, etc. Then, come your afternoon off, you are good to go.

Fitted in a dress the Ever Lovely Mrs J said I could borrow and some summer sandals that had been languishing in the wardrobe, I popped out for a little bit to an out of town shopping centre just shy of Leicester. It has been… probably over a year, maybe more, since I went out and if I’m honest, I was a little nervous. Strangely, once I was out of the house and driving, I felt fine. As if this was something I did everyday. Dare I even go as far as to say it felt natural?

First stop was at Claire’s to see what earrings they had available. All those years of wearing clip-ons and now I have the luxury of being able to wear regular earrings. It is something – sad as it may sound to some – that I’d dreamed of, but thought it just wouldn’t happen. I have since passed my clip-ons to Kim, who’s pretty much just started her new wardrobe (and does well with it too).

I did find some very nice wedge sandals in TK Maxx, but they were too expensive, despite how well they fitted. While I was in there, I dropped my sunglasses and a lens popped out. I was on my knees trying to find it, when a lady – not staff – offered to help me. Between us, we found it and after that, we just got chatting. She was in for some flats, having had a foot op, which meant heels, where a no-go for her (I feel your pain). It was just one of those lovely impromptu conversations about stuff & nonsense, but what I liked about was she just talked with me as if I wasn’t anyone unusual. Okay, stop the sniggering at the back, you know what I mean.

Later on, I popped into a technology shop and I got chatting to one of the sales guys. Now, I don’t pass and this doesn’t bother me. All I want is to be accepted and treated like any other customer. We had a chuckle about a few things and he asked what field I worked in (this was to do with corporate discounts). I said I worked in education, but not like this, gesturing to my dress. “So you’re not full time then?” I said, no, far from it, just a part timer and he said “Well, you look like you do. Some of the sights who come into the Dover [Dover Castle, a cool Leicester gay bar]….” You could say sales patter if you want to be cynical, or you could take it at face value and say thanks. We had a bit of a laugh about the theatre folk always staring in the window. Well, I say always, I’ve only been the once. 🙂

After that, I was a slow walk through Outfit – no size eights or nines at all? Outfit stock fail! – and drawing a blank in Next too. I had a look in the sale rails, but there was nothing I wanted, other than a look and….. maybe some time to stretch my legs in Lynn mode.

I headed home, got cleaned up and took the Hound for a walk, before collecting the kids. The Ever Lovely Mrs J returned home and then, I was off to Chams. Same outfit, although different earrings and more ‘evening’ make-up. Mind you, those Birkenstock take some getting used to. It was great to catch up with Alison, Val and Sophie (who I kept missing).

All in all, a very good day and it went so well, that I completely forgot to feel bad about the job interview I didn’t get.

Take care,


  1. Thanks Penny. It was a just around two hours, but two very good hours. The mirror was in Next and perfectly placed for viewing new shoes…. or taking a quick selfie 😉

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