Hi folks,

I’m sat here nursing a very large mug of tea, wondering how I should start this post off. Silly really. I’ve been here a few minutes, mulling over how to get going, when really, it’s probably just best to get stuck in. Stream of consciousness, seat of the pants, hang the editor, etc (Ed: Oi!)

Today, was one of those proverbial rays of sunshine when everything just seemed to click into place and all is good with the world. I had the good fortune to have the morning off and lunch with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, as we had an appointment in town with the bank. Nothing serious, just checking on the family piggy bank and the good news is that, if all goes to plan, we’ll be shot of the mortgage in six years or so. Strange, at one time, six years seemed such a looong time. But, now, time seems to go quickly. Maybe it’s an age thing?

Talking of aging, Sophie, Rebecca and I were chatting at Chameleons the other night about trans activities and how how long you’ve been ‘on the scene’, seems to change things. You know: the going out, the travel, wanderlust even, etc, After that sudden burst and want to do everything, you sort of…. well, settle back down. We’re all different ages and on different journeys – Rebecca and I are very much occasional birds (so to speak), whereas Sophie is full time. Yet, that aside, we all seem to have done the coming out, going out, going out as much as possible and then the calming down bit too. In previous years, I would have been sat here, wondering about Invasion and thinking if I was missing out. Now, not so much. Sure, it looks like the girls are out having fun, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I think I’ve found my place in socialising with friends at the group and the rare trip out here and there. Perhaps it is best to enjoy the life you have, rather than yearn for the things you don’t.

My ear is healing fairly well, so it’s a slow countdown to the remaining weeks, until I have the other ear done. Then again, that’ll be another six weeks or so, before I can think about changing them to something a bit more fabulous! It did feel a little odd, not put on my clip earrings this time around. It’s been a little odd having it in all the time, but in a nice way. It feels… as I posted earlier… a bit like when you paint your toenails. It’s just something for me – like having a tattoo? – in that it might be publicly visible, but I wanted my ears pierced because it gives me the choice over my looks.

I did get a little bit of ribbing at work, but it was all good natured and well, I guess my co-workers remember the beatings from last time and they were suitably muted about the whole thing 😉

BTW, I feel I should add an explanation to the photo on the right. Alexis – a fellow blogger over at Crossacting – politely challenged me to do a photo in a different style to what I’d do normally. It was fun, although I did feel a little silly while doing it. Mind you, I’m used to acting the fool, so it’s no great shakes. I guess my main concern isn’t looking daft, but looking…. cheap…. or worse, one of those ‘so schexy’ photos that aren’t. Well, I hope the tongue-in-cheek snap to the right goes some way to achieving a comedy stance…. even if my backside looks hoooge.

Caution: this transvestite is reversing… beep… Caution…” 🙂

Right. I’m off to distort another gravity field and I’ll catch you all later on.

Take care,


  1. 'Enjoy the life you have, rather than yearning for the things you don't have'

    That will probably be the best thing I read all day, and something that took me sooo long to learn to do!

    Enjoy your weekend,

    1. Thanks for spotting that little bit, Stace. Sometimes I read back what I've written and it ask seems a bit Dear Diary or What-Lynn-Did-Next. I guess it's a though call (impossible dream?) to write a thought provoking article each and every week…. Strange 'cos I like reading the personal and the thought provoking blogs.

      I hope all is well with your new edition.

  2. agreeing with Stace, 'Enjoy the life you have, rather than yearning for the things you don't have' is a great phrase to live by.
    also rather laughed at this "I guess my co-workers remember the beatings from last time" reminds me of my interactions with my greatest close friends… their friendly jibes inspire my friendly punches/slaps =) all in good fun =)
    enjoy being you =)

  3. I think you look fab darling. Chic chic!!! Like Spiderwoman crossed with Zebralady to make Spebragirl!!! I wonder what your special power is besides looking like a tart? Seriously, have you no self respect? I thought you English girls had manners. Ohhh Lynn, isn't life fun! It's moments like these that I laugh and enjoy the special joys of being a girl. And by that I mean, the joy of self criticism and doubt… Gotta love what you got though and just be happy that you are having fun! You could be in your house, by yourself, looking in a mirror and having the same questions. But instead you are enjoying the big beautiful world and having fun with friends… there is nothing better… except chocolate of course!

    Alexis the Corrupter of Innocents

    1. My special power is Improvised BS and a black belt, but only when wearing heels. It's all in the ankle, Neo.

      Silliness aside, I'm with you on being out with friends. There's nothing better… unless someone brings chocolate, in which case it's double plus good. 🙂

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