Tea + biscuit = brain power?


After last time’s memory fail, I thought I’d sit down and get some ideas out of my head early on. I don’t know about you, but if I’m a bit tired, it’s the wrong time of day, or I’m hungry, my brain just seems to pack in – at least, from a creative angle. Okay, you could look back at those as a triumvirate of excuses, or I like to think that they’re things to be avoided if I want to Get On With Stuff.

Making a Stand

Given that, I made sure I had a good strong brew and a biccie – surely the fuel of the British! – before I got the Chameleons leaflet business sorted out. That’s all been printed off, checked and now handed over. The few people I showed this to at the group last night seemed pleased with it. By luck, rather than judgement, the redesign of the web site means that the photo showing the group is smaller. This means that there’s a little more anonymity for people involved. Sure, we’re cool with who we are, but that doesn’t mean all of us are ready to sing it from the rooftops just yet. 🙂

While getting ready, I had a chat about this with Alison and we were saying how varied the trans spectrum is. I guess a lot of us are wise of this, but there are lots of people who aren’t. What I mean is, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about trans people. Yeah, there are folk who do it for kicks – but, there are folk who’ll do anything for kicks, that’s not just a trans thing. I was saying last night, that if that is your bag, sure, enjoy yourself, just a) don’t expect me to join in, b) don’t speak on my behalf, and c) don’t send me a friend request if you’re into ‘schexy time’.

Does that make me a snob or a bigot? I hope not and I’d like to think it doesn’t. Note that I’m not saying the above behaviour is wrong or that I look down on it. It’s more I just don’t want anything to do with it and it’s more the stereotype – rather than the person – that bugs me. But then, maybe looking at it from other angles; maybe I’m a boring middle-of-the-road part timer. 🙂 Too straight-laced for (ahem) fun, but not brave enough to be full-time…. Neither of which I believe, the latter two are cliches and I’ve never heard either view point.

Alison has expressed an interest in being the Chams Ambassador – (Ed: With these dull leaflets, the Ambassador is really spoiling us! Ah, that reference will miss a few folk outside the UK ;-D ) – and I guess we’ll see what happens in terms of duties on the big day itself. In other news, I think I am actually going to be able to make this time around. The other meeting has been moved (result!), so I’ll be sitting in the wings as an interested party, not trying to give myself away when it comes to question time.

Night Out

I did triple check the calendar this week, just to make sure it actually was Chameleons this week. It seemed like a long time since my last visit and despite the faffing about – packing, shaving, travel – I really enjoyed it. It did take me a while to get ready, mainly because I couldn’t really decide on what to take. I’d taken a dress, various colours of opaques, two tops and three skirts. Of the latter, one I really wasn’t sure about (I think it’s just not me – too short), one is fine with dark opaques and the third (picture – thanks Izzy!) was – as Goldilocks said, just right. 🙂

Sometimes I’ll take things along to retry them and add them to my that’s-going-to-charity collection. Oh, the new loose powder from Boots? Worked a treat. A lot easier to use that my old one [ Note to self: must get my finger out about writing the reviews on the useful stuff ]

I had a good long chat with the Unusual Suspects. All good stuff. Oh, I was relived to find out that I hadn’t sent Isabelle’s photos to the wrong email address. Phew! Pippa had been kind enough to get in touch with Glitz & Glam (v. trans friendly). They’re a… what? beauty accessory company? Yeah, let’s go with that, based up in Chesterfield. Anyway, Sally, the owner of, G&G were kind enough to pop along with plenty of stock (make-up, nail varnishes and some quality wigs). I think business went well, which is good for G&G and good for the group. I do feel a bit guilty if a vendor comes along and no one buys anything. Luckily, that didn’t happen this time. I spotted something that the Ever Lovely Mrs J would like, so that’s going into her Christmas present stash. I did try a new wig – just for fun – and while it was rather nice, I wasn’t going to buy one with the current one being so new.

That reminds me I need to get in touch with Hot Hair and I’ve not managed that. Then there’s a question about Boots coming along – something for the New Year. Talking of the latter, the Xmas party will be at the end of this month, so there’s a bit of that to do. We run the event early, so that it avoids any clashes with work dos or school plays. We’ll be having a fuddle – like last time – which works pretty well and I think that’s in the bag now. Geez, there seems so much to do when you start writing it up. 🙂 I think I’m going to wrap this one up before I have a turn 😉

Take care


  1. I thought the difference from one end of the spectrum to the other was about 6 months. 😉 Bearing the bruises from accidentally falling into a label debate too many times, I'll just say I've got along with folks from all along the spectrum.

    Does the ambassador role have any diplomatic immunity?

    Lucy x

    1. LOL. I've heard that one too, but I thought that one end was 48k, the other 128k. /nerd 🙂

      Sadly, no diplomatic immunity, not even if you do it in a cod Seuth Afrekin accent, umm, Miss Joshua. 😉

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