Hi all,

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to post anything tonight, but….. it seems the hot choccy and a handful of cashews seems to have provoked my heat addled brain into some sort of creativity.

Much as I like a bit of warm sun, these last two weeks have been too much. I guess the proportion of my genetics that’s set up for bracing Celtic summers, isn’t quite coping. Work is too warm and it’s times like these I wish we had air-con in the office. At least some of the meeting rooms have it, so I find myself booking extra slots to get on.

Still, on the plus side, the office is warm, but at least the windows open. At a mate’s workplace, the windows are sealed shut and the air vent blows hot air in from outside. Oh, and very cold air during the winter. Which genius thought that one up? 🙂

Early morning and late evenings seem to be the best time to get around. I really don’t know how folk who live in hotter places cope. Maybe they are used to it, and it it merely the Brits who can’t cope. 🙂

Still, with a little luck, it will cool down as the weeks slip away, and if it cools down a little and stays fine, it should make very good weather for the summer holidays. Yup, both Wee Man and Little Miss will be off for six weeks or so. We’ve got day camps booked – thank you Work Voucher scheme! – for a fortnight or so, and then it’s a mix of the Ever Lovely Mrs J, me and both sets of Granny & Grandad’s helping out (bless ’em).

If I was still putting lyrics as titles, I guess I could have gone with Long Hot Summer, by Girls Aloud. Which reminds me, I have – as you’ve probably noticed – given that a rest for a time. Much as I liked finding a line that meant something, or fitted in with the vibe of the post, I found myself drawing a blank. Maybe I’m just not listening to enough new music? That, or the switch to podcasts in the car, isn’t helping. Who knows? 🙂

Take care,


  1. Im also not a fan of warm weather. When its cool or cold, you can just put some layers on, when its too hot, all you can do is sweat it out, literally!

    We cant open the windows in our office either, but the air con is very efficient. However finding that sweet spot of 'just right' has been elusive so far, it always seems to be a little too warm or too cool!

    I hope you enjoy your summer holidays with your family! 🙂

    1. I'm with you on the warming up 🙂 Mind you, the thunderstorms have hit Nottingham and cooled us down.

      Sadly, we had a bit of flooding in some areas, due to the monsoon-like conditions. Perhaps we need to rethink the drainage system. 🙂

  2. Oh, tell me about it.
    We just had a week in Santorini – boy wa that hot, but from what I hear it was pretty much the same here – and still is more or less.

    1. Happy holidays then, Penny? 🙂

      Yes, it has been rather warm of late. But, it's cooling down a little, which is making for a very nice summer, IMO.

  3. I did work in a glass fronted office, which was rather nice in the colder months but in the summer turned the place into a greenhouse.

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