“And who would have thought that I’d be so content in my own skin”

Captain’s log. Star date? Oh, I don’t know. I hope the Blogger software will fill it in. Maths was never really my strong point. Ask me one about this season’s fashions or something.


Oh, give it a rest Spock. I don’t want to hear about your Countdown pwnage story and Carole’s mistake with a four category prime and the imaginary number. Go and annoy, Bones or something.


I’ve not idea why I type that in. Perhaps in the pint of Hobgoblin I sunk earlier, has left me a little confused. What a lightweight. I’ll be mincing it up in lady’s clothes at this rate…. 😛

( Ed: c’mon Lynn. Concentrate, dear )

The Goldilocks Post

The observant amongst you will have noticed that I didn’t go to the last Chameleons meeting. A combination of cold and the Meh Factor. This time, however, I was in finer fettle and a more interested mood to boot. Indeed, I popped in to a shop on the way home to see if they had anything nice in. I had had my eye on a monochrome top, although as it was in the petite section, I was hoping it would work as a tunic. Sadly, it did not. Not because it was too short, but – and perhaps trying it on sans false boobs – it didn’t hang right. Even with a bit of imagination, I felt that it might be a tad low. So, I didn’t invest. The jeggings I’d taken in with me, they were too baggy, so I left feeling a little out of kilter. Funny how a less than successful shopping trip can do that to a person.

Once home and fatherly duties over with, it was time to pack a bag for the night out. Now, I can rarely make up my mind what to take…… Except this time, I found two skater style dresses in the cupboard. Much as it may be a bit of a downer to leave a shop feeling nothing fit right, finding two pieces you do like and that make you feel good; well, that’s a feeling you just can’t beat. With a spring in my step, I headed off to Chameleons the day after.

Dare I say, it all went very well. If it was the absence of not going previously, or just Things Falling Into Place ™, I don’t know. But, hey, don’t look a good mood in the mouth. Hmm, does that even make sense? 🙂 I went with my first choice and that seemed to work just fine. Plus one of the good-mood-o-metre. Next, on with the slap and having tried and failed with the bold red lippy this time, I went with a more subtle look for the eyes and then careful application of said lippy. Again, I was happy with the result and everything was coming together nicely.

I was putting the finishing touches into place, when Alison, Sophie and then Val popped in. I guess they know where to find me, ‘cos it takes an age for me to get ready. 🙂 We chatted about things (as we do) and Alison recounted about how well her coming out at work had gone. Talk about brave and also, she seemed so much happier in herself. That really is good news. Face set, clothes on and boots ready, it was time to mingle.

I decided not to head out afterwards. It was very cold outside and having had such a lovely evening with friends, I was happy to head home a little earlier to see my beloved Mrs J. Indeed, I got a text just as I parked up on the drive. Timing eh?


Oh, one final bit of news. The other month, a drama student contacted Chameleons asking about the idea of a stand-up story. No, not stand-up as in make them laugh; more monologue on what it’s like to be LGBTQ. I’m one of the fabulous five, so why not? A short ponder and then my fingers danced across the keys as I typed it all out. I won’t say it’s brilliant, that’s down to the magic of the performance and any tweaks the students make. I believe the production is under way and with a little luck, there will be some YouTube videos of the actors. If there is, I’ll post a link up.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me by Girls Aloud. So long you fab five. It’s been a good ten years! ]


  1. The Lynn look is definitely a good one – feminine but understated and therefore natural. Very nice outfit and makeup as ever.

    Glad you had a good time.

    Sue x

  2. I hate failed shopping trips, they really do end in a downer don't they?

    As for the outfit – great as always 😀


    1. Bah humbug to shopping fail. 🙂 I don't mind if I (we?) go out with nothing in mind. The annoyance comes in when I have something in mind, or see something I really like. Still, in the long swing of things, it ain't much to moan about. First world problems eh? 🙂

      PS : ta 🙂

    1. Yup. I'd like to hear the performances too. I think it sounds like a great idea. I think the show is up in Lincoln. Somewhere called The Scene.

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