“I’m on my way from misery to happiness today”


Come on brain, wakey wakey, it’s time for another blog post. Ah, perhaps leaving this week’s post until so late in the day – and after a late night – was not such a good idea. Okay. Note to self: prepare before hitting the keyboard.

Yes, I was out late last night. It was time for Chameleons, so it was off to the Centre to meet up with the great, the good and the gorgeous (luckily, most of my friends are all three). It was my first trans night out of the year and given that I’d missed the post Xmas do, it was good to catch up with folk. We chatted about how Christmas went, fun with in-laws (outlaws?) and then ooh’d and ahh’d at the snaps of Val’s new grandchild (not that Val looks old enough). I had taken two outfits and I’d planned to pack my heeled boots, however, for some reason, I forgot; so it was biker chic boots. Still, easier on the feet and nice to wear something different for a change.

How many years now?

Sandi reminded me that it had been a number of years since my first visit (27th January 2006). How time has gone by. I won’t say it has flown, but there have certainly been plenty of changes over the years. Some good (self acceptance, meeting new people, making friends, seeing the Black Dog depart, Mrs J’s love & support, you guys for the help and comments on the blog) and some bad (mainly Black Dog – now gone a good six months! YAY!!).

Talking of the six months of freedom, Sandi pointed out that I’m more myself. It is, as I think I’ve said before, a bit like waking up. There are ups and downs, sure, but they are the minor speed-bumps in life. Certainly an order of magnitude difference from the perilous valleys from before. Okay, I think I’ve tortured that concept enough. Let’s move on. 🙂

Stand up and deliver?

Oh and talking of torture, I have had a look at open mic nights in Nottingham. There are a few, although there’s nothing on for a few weeks. It is rather nerve racking and I wonder if I’ll actually go through with it. One bit of advice was to make sure you’ve written some of your act before you start. Now, with blogging, I like to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to writing stuff down. So to do I find it easier to make gags when with people; improvisation I guess. How I’ll combine the two, I’m not sure, but should I have a go, I’ll let you know. Alison suggested I do a gig in Lynn mode, but I’m really not sure about that.

Wind it up

Anyhoo, the Unusual Suspects were present and we wandered off to the pub around tennish (Ed: tennish. The time when Sean Connery plays at Wimbledon 😛 #DadJoke ). Wow, it was cold out. It seems the warm January we’d been enjoying had packed its bags and we were very much back in Winter. To be honest, I was a little warm for me. I kinda like my winters chilly: warm fire, snugly coat and a thick duvet. Okay, the moan at work for me doing that, but I have standards you know! 🙂

We had a few turns at Karaoke: Maddy and I with Linkin Park’s In The End and me with Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out. It was all very raptastic for some reason! Time ran away with us and soon it was time for a quick hug and then Sophie and I were off out into the cold night. All in all, a very good evening out. I feel quite refreshed!

Oh, one more thing before I go. A quick note of thanks to those of you who’ve contacted me or done some plugging regarding Our Different Journey. Thanks. It’s very much appreciated.
Take care,
[ Today’s lyric: I’m On My way by The Proclaimers ]


  1. Congrats and thanks Lynn, Our Different Journey is really shaping up.

    Love the Sue and Justine tales, great reads. How lovely that these stories have a place to go.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Hi Petra,

      Yes, ODJ is rolling along nicely. I've had a few folk kind enough to share their history. I've still got mine to sort out (one for a rainy day?) and I'm waiting on a picture to put another blog-friend's answers up.

    2. Hi Petra,

      Yes, ODJ is rolling along nicely. I've had a few folk kind enough to share their history. I've still got mine to sort out (one for a rainy day?) and I'm waiting on a picture to put another blog-friend's answers up.

  2. Great to hear that the dog has been gone for 6 months, here's to hoping that it stays away!

    Good luck with the open mike!


    1. Yarp 🙂 Fingers crossed on the hound front. I think… six months is a good sign. Plus, it's the depths of winter; so little sun, cold, first month back at work, etc. All things that you'd think could push you into it…. but… all is well, normal. Yay!!

  3. If you decide to go through with it, I'd be really happy to go with you. Happy to go in boy mode too. At least you know you'll have one person guffawing at your jokes, because I think you are really funny. I'm sure everyone will, but I'm happy to add to it if you want… :o) x

  4. Well doll, you look demurely cutetastic in that pic, a bit coy as well… what are you hiding up that sleeve or yours?

    Wait! You fly by the seat of your pants while blogging? CHEATER!

    Open mic night… hmmm… that would definitely be steppin’ your game up. I’d come and laugh at you, scratch that, for you, but I’d probably just laugh inappropriately anyway, so you don’t want me there. But honestly, that would give you a ton of street blog cred.

    1. Ta for the kind words, Mrs. The only thing up the sleeve is another giant man hand with sparkly nail varnish. 😉

      Yeah. I've tried planning PNG the blog front, but really I find it easier to settle on a theme and then just prattle around it. If I edit too much, I find that I run the risk of binning the whole lot. I did that a few times in the past and I've no wish to repeat.

      On the other hand, I think the comedy thing will need some serious thought. Is that ironic? I'm not post modern enough to know. 🙂

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