“Don`t need your approval, your safety in numbers,
You stay in your team, I don`t care enough, to share your dream.”


Larks, time has run away with me this evening. Funny how that happens. For once, I was home on time, rather than staying late / playing catch up at the office. With folk keen to get away early for the weekend, the chance for a spot of serious thinking time can’t be ignored. Sometimes, said thinking is even work related. 😉 So, the kiddie-winks are tucked up in bed and the dog’s been walked. Both of us are just about dry following my lack of planning to take a coat, but it was only a brief shower. Now, to the business of blogging! 🙂

Middle of the Road

Monday night saw the second part of Grayson Perry’s In the Best Possible Taste, and just as it was the middle episode, so it was the turn of the… umm… middle classes. I’ll spare you a scene by scene dissection of the programme – it’s available on 40D, natch. That said, a few bits did stand out for me. Firstly, I didn’t think the dinner party outfit was middle class enough, but maybe I’m just picky 😉 For me, the idea of a fancy top, cropped boxy jacket, thin white Next trousers and expensive/dangerous shoes would have ticked more boxes if we’re playing the stereotype game. Not that there’s anything wrong with said look, Mx Perry did want to blend in. 🙂

I think, and at least for me, I had an unease about the programme. Not that it was mean, nor inaccurate, but the more I watched, the more I felt in tune with Pandora’s comment (see last week:  “Choosing to affiliate myself with different tribes…“) in that I didn’t fit in to the.. umm… well, class presented. Surely there’s a bit more depth to us as a society than working, middle and upper class? Seems about as accurate as fighter, rogue and magic user…. oh wait, that’s a bit nerdy isn’t it. Yes, slow hand clap for anyone who posts that I missed cleric out. 😉 Let’s move on. 😛

So, iffy FRP jokes aside, yes; Chez Jones is well furnished and comfortable, but not in the same way as the houses shown during the programme. It’s neither high art, high street chic, nor kooky. It just is really. Yeah, there’s a bit of art on the walls (mainly naive stuff), lots of books and a reasonable smattering of technology. Yet, the latter is popular / trend setting stuff. We might have a laptop, but we don’t have any tablets / iPads. All the computers are second hand – bar the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones’ lappy (Xmas pressie!) – and have been moderately tweaked over the years to get a little more life out of them. Fashion-wise, we aren’t bang up to date, but not too far behind. Perhaps to that end, we are the ‘safe’ end of middle class?

Could it be that we’re just ex-crusty/rocker types with a few bob to our name? We’ve switched from music and moshing, to kids, books and dog walking rather than the cream tea / vertical ale market / Hobbs furniture. Heh, maybe we’re lower middle class and I’m too blind to see it. 😉


Yay, it was Chams time again. I had a bit of a monk on (Ed: Midlander gibberish for ‘sulk’ or ‘moody’) Thursday afternoon. Not for any great reason, other than being a bit tired and – to channel a vibe from Maddy – I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind for the whole process of faffing that goes on. You know; dash home, have a snack, pack Little Miss for a night at Granny’s, get showered, have a close shave, etc. Yet – and to use a well known phrase – I got my sh** together and hauled ass.

In all honesty, I was glad I did. Unusually for me, I got changed quite quickly and thus had a rather long and very pleasant evening catching up with friends and making new ones. A new girl popped along (Hi Kate) along with her sister, so we had a good laugh and shared a few stories.

Meeting new people is always nice as it’s a learning experience to see how they feel, how the group reacts to them and to hear their life stories. It’s just an interesting to hear from someone who is trans and equally, someone who isn’t. It’s a different perspective after all.

Given the weather, I decided against a visit to the pub and I’d offered Kate + sister a ride home as it was on my way…. and yes, it was chucking it down. Still, at least the hose pipe ban will be dropped now. 🙂

The only slight snag was I’d used some Urban Decay eye make-up and the sparkly one has a fair share of glitter in it. So, I sat down at work and my colleague asked: “Are you wearing… ummm…. glitter?” We both laughed and I said it was down to my daughter making cards at home. Kids, they’re useful little poppets aren’t they? 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Your Crusade by Jesus Jones ]


  1. Not sure where on the great class taste scale I am. It's interesting to see the great swings in taste from the old chintz to the sterile minimalist approach many take today. I'm neither but probably influenced by both styles in my home.

    1. True. I guess there are classes – working, middle, upper, maybe 'under'? – and then there's taste. It seems money doesn't guarantee what folk call good taste. But then, is taste like art? In the eye of the beholder.

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