“you should watch – watch your stay here,
don’t look out you’re gonna break your neck”


Wow, first post of the New Year. I trust you had a good break over the festive period.

From a blogging point of view, I was all prepped for a nice, quite week and I’d been tapping my creative reserves over what to talk about. Well, it seems the hand of Fate had other ideas for this week. Sitting comfortably? Then allow me to explain…. 🙂

Tuesday morning rolled around and as per, Wee Man, Little Miss and I were packed into my little car to head off on the school run. Off we went and then the next thing I remember is waking up – yes, waking up – with both children crying, we’ve stopped and a number of cars parked up around us. I tried to move and my body wouldn’t really work – it was as if I was coming out of a deep sleep – groggy, disorientated, etc, but my body wasn’t. My first thought was to try and get off the road, I mean, if I was stationary on a busy road, we’d get hit right? Plus, why were all these cars parked up? How odd! 🙂

I tried to turn the ignition key, but the car flatly refused to do anything. The reality of the situation was slowly making its way into my addled brain. There were bits of glass in the foot well, my right arm hurt like Hell and the car I’d seen the distance was now parked – crashed? I couldn’t really see – on the other side of the road nearby. Sh**! At least the kids are screaming, is that a good thing?

I remember saying to the kids that it would be okay and that we needed to get out. Bless them, they undid their seat belts and it was when I tried to move, a chap came up and told me to stay still and that I’d been in an accident. ‘I need to move my kids,’ I grunted, but he forced me to stay put and said that he’d put them in his car until the Police turned up. Events whirled around us as the Emergency Services turned up and did what they needed to do. There had been no fatalities (thankfully!) and from our car; I’d taken the hit being the driver, so both children were okay. Phew! Two passers-by waited with me while the paramedics did their thing; stuck me in neck brace, strapped me to a stretcher, dosed me up with various painkillers and off we went to Accident & Emergency….


So I’m on the mend with a broken arm and very thankful to be alive. As various friends have said, it could have been worse and they’re right. It could have been a lot worse, but it wasn’t and we’re all alive. The kids are fine, I guess children are more resilient than you realise. Wee Man did have a cry when I got home later that day, mainly because he was worried about me going into the ambulance on my own. Little Miss? Oh, she was fine as she got a ride in a Police car. Kids eh? 🙂

Talking of later, the chap who helped with the kids and to look after me, he called in on his way home. With no disrespect to the man, he was just a member of the public, there was no obligation to do so. I also spoke with the lady who stopped – no relation to him – and again, she didn’t have to wait, but she did. They took time out of their day to look after someone – a stranger – because it was the right thing to do. I don’t know about you, but I found that very touching and that line about restoring your faith in human nature? It rang true and deep. That’s my binding memory of the event.

Work is off the cards at the mo – and yes, they’ve been good about the whole situation too – so I’m at home twiddling my thumbs. Well, one of them – the right one I have to keep wrapped up. 🙂 The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones has been doing her nurse routine and bless her, has been a saint through all of this. I’m frustrated that I can’t do as much as I’d normally do. Plus we’re now down to one car – because let’s face it, if you live outside of a city, you need a car to do just about anything nowadays – but hopefully that’ll be resolved at some point. Still, better one car than no car. That would be a massive pain.

As to trans stuff, that’s well and truly off the cards at the mo. Trying to get a t-shirt on is one thing, hauling on a bra and various layers besides is just going to be a non-starter! 😀 Still, a change is a good as a rest, so I’m told. Maybe I’ll get to have both!

Anything for a few days off eh?

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Crash by The Primitives ]


  1. OK… That was the last thing I was expecting read.

    I'm so pleased that you are on the mend and your kids are OK.

    Get well soon and take care of yourself please!


  2. Firstly, thanks for all your well wishes! Secondly, drive carefully – doubly if out and about 😉

    Stace: As unexpected as coming round in the middle of the road? 🙂

    Rach: Thanks mrs!

    Rhiannon: Umm.. no, not really. The police will be doing their report and I hope to get a copy. Wee Man says we spun around, but by how much, I wouldn't like to say.

    Emma: Very true!

  3. Glad you're okay-ish! (And I'm glad the kids are fine.)

    Nasty things, auto accidents. Next time, try something simple, like a rare tropical disease! 😉

  4. Us women drivers eh ? Not safe on the road us lot 😉

    So glad you are just one of the walking wounded and your kids are safe and well.

    Daytime TV and the sofa then for the next few weeks …


  5. Damn 😮

    So what happened then? Did someone smash in to you, or did you black out and smash into something else, or don't you know? Glad to hear everyone's more or less okay anyway – if you are. Please let us know.


  6. Demi: Thanks mrs!

    Carolyn Ann: LOL. Any particular disease you'd recommend? I'd like something that caused a bit of weight loss, but didn't f*** me up for the next month. 🙂

    Actually, with my luck this month, I'm not sure I should be joking about this! 😀

    Becca: Tsk. Women, TS folk… and men who think they're part bird – shouldn't be allowed on the road in my opinion. 😛

    Yes, day time TV [sigh]. I'm sure that's on to make us want to seek work. I'll settle for a good book instead. 🙂

    Jonathan: From what I remember of the other car and the damage to mine, I think someone hit us in the driver's side…. that's what caused me to black out.

    The kids are fine thanks. Both nicely protected by my fat head from any debris. 🙂

    Pandora: The waking up only partially functioning was very scary indeed, but we're all on the mend – even me LOL – so things to be thankful for.

  7. Hiya Lynn,

    I hope that you get to find out what happened, part of the frustration is sometimes not knowing.
    Glad you are on the mend.

    Your post made me think if i ever have kids i will definitely train them how to react in the event of an emergency.

    Im sorry you didnt get a ride in a helicopter though, i know this was secretly one of you life dreams 😉

  8. Sam: Hi mrs! I'll spill the beans at Chams – if you're coming along and thanks for the well wishes.

    Teaching your kids can be fun…. getting them to listen *and* remember is the tricky bit. 😉

    BTW : helicopter? LOL. I was too out of it on medical grade pain killers to have known the difference. 🙂 You can treat me to a spin in your new 'copter next Xmas. 😉 A perfect way to drop in on the next Invasion?

  9. (Trying again. Durned autocorrect…)

    How the heck did google figure all those "links to this post"?!?
    (I reckon that's a rhetorical question, by the way! 🙂 )

    1. Hi Lucy. I'm doing well thanks. My arm's out of the sling and despite being back at work (bah!), I've escaped daytime TV and managed a fancy night out too. Almost back on form. 😉

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