“In the satisfaction stakes,
It’s like sitting on the number nine bus”


So, last week on sick leave before I go back to work. It’s been different being off it physically, but with it mentally. What I mean is, when you’re ill, like with flu or a bad stomach, your brain is a little all over the place while your body attempts to get over the situation. This time around, despite an amount of ‘ow’, I am fairly with it, so it’s been good in that I’ve been able to catch up on reading and enjoy life in the slow lane. Taking the dog out for a few long walks – well, at least when it wasn’t chucking it down – and it’s been good being home when the kids come back from school. Okay, so I can’t run around after them, but you can get involved. Help them do a bit of baking, sit with Wee Man and offer advice on the computer game he’s stuck on. That sort of thing.

Despite all the time away and being on my own most days, there’s been zero trans stuff. Having a busted shoulder doesn’t make you want to swing the cupboard doors wide and revel in the fashions of this and yesteryear. 🙂 Still, something to look forward to as I recover. I have also missed Invasion (it’s tonight), but what’s good about that, is that there’ll be another one next month and with luck, the weather will be better too. Having a break from dressing up / going out has made me cool down and worry less. Perhaps that’s the opposite of how I feel I would feel, but right now, my energy seems to be tied up in getting better and taking it easy.

One odd thing about being off, is the amount of sleep I’ve been having. I am a bit of a napper – indeed, if there was an Olympic sport for dozing off, I’d be quids in for a gold. I’ve only broken my collar bone and I’m about as active as I am at work (hour walk at lunch, or when at home, 30 mins then 45 mins in the afternoon), so finding myself nodding off mid afternoon came as a surprise. Perhaps it’s to do with the messing about with insurance, accident reports and whatnot that goes on. I’m hesitating to use the word ‘stress’ as while it hasn’t been plain sailing, I wouldn’t say I’ve been chewing my fingernails over it. Not that you should, I mean, standards, darhlink, standards. 😉

Today’s lyric (see below if you’re not an indie kid from the 90s) is because I decided to head into town for supplies. We were low on a couple of key items and with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones doing all the driving while I’m car-less, I decided to chance taking the bus. Now, we live out in the sticks and like our telecommunications, public transport is patchy at best. As I stood under my umbrella (ella.. ella) the bus eventually turned up. I was a bit miffed in having to wait, but then the thought turned around. Maybe it’s not public transport being rubbish, but more like a lot of things in modern life, we’re used to immediacy and having to wait seems an anathema.

Just the weekend now and then back to work. Mrs J and I will be looking at a nearly new car and then with luck, I’ll be back on the road in February. Fingers crossed as I’ve missed having the level of freedom your own car brings.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Eat Me Drink Me Love Me Kill Me by Pop Will Eat Itself ]


  1. So whats the new car going to be then?
    Has the accident affected your confidence in driving at all? Has your mind wondered if a bigger 4×4 / Chelsea Tractor might be a good idea for safety?

    I remember being in a prang in my fiesta years ago and i wanted to go out and buy myself a huge rangerover to feel better. I resisted, but even now i wonder what chance i will have if im hit by a lorry in my little 2seater.

    Glad your mentally stable still! I know that being couped up in the house being pretty much immobile is boring as hell, at least you have pets to talk to lol

    1. I've not driven since the accident, Sam. My arm's still strapped up, but I should be getting a new (new to me, anyway!) car next week. Chances are it'll be something fairly standard, probably ex-fleet like a Vauxhall or Ford.

      I do like smaller cars, so having been bumped, that did put me off a few models. Then again, I don't need off-road capabilities, so no way I'm having a 4×4. 🙂

      Our dog is good company, but conversation's pretty one sided. She knows all the best lines 😉 Going back to work this week (boo), but that'll get me out of the house and doing stuff. Top job on the negotiation with the club, BTW!

  2. Glad to hear […] you're firmly on the mend!

    Now stop lollygagging and get those gutters cleaned out… 😉

    (Don't buy a Harley. A decent Vespa will go just as fast and consume less petrol…) 🙂

  3. Thanks, Carolyn Ann. Lollygagging = LOL. "I hire you people to get a little track laid…" 😉

    Harley? By the Lord Harry, I should think not. 🙂 Far too loud and all that chrome to clean too. I think I'll stick with my tiny car. 😉

    1. Glad to hear it! Harley's aren't, well, for those who… Hmm… How do I put this? Ah. If you're the sort to buy a Ducati or a Vespa, you're not whom Messrs Harley and Davidson had in mind as customers….

      Buy a Bentley. Lovely motors. 🙂

    2. I'm lazy when it comes to technology, so if you don't have to faff with gears, yay. 🙂 A Bentley is an idea, but I think we'd need an extra mortgage 😀

    1. "Come on, boys! The way you're lollygagging around here with them picks and them shovels, you'd think it was a hundred and twenty degrees. Can't be more than a hundred and fourteen." ~ Lyle, Blazing Saddles.

      Blazing Saddles. Top film! 🙂

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