“I got a reason for the devil inside you know”


How’s things with you? After last week’s not-much-is-going-on post, events have picked up a little. Home-life and family is going well, which is not to be underrated. Parents Evening will be upon us soon and if I can get an early pass from work, I’d like to pop along and see Wee Man’s work on show.

Trans-wise, I saw some very nice shoe boots while out shopping with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. At twenty quid, I couldn’t really say no, so armed with the takings from my piggy bank, off I went. Luckily, said shop – or rather supermarket – had clothes for him & her as well as changing rooms. So it was a repeat of the tried and trusted routine of going along early and taking bloke clothes to the changing room.

Funny, but the purchase of the new boots made me wonder about a new outfit. Not so much buying one, but one coming together in my head. I had wondered about teaming a shirt under one of those higher necked 60s shift dresses I’ve been seeing. While surfing the t’interweb, I saw that Dorothy Perkins had a sale on and – yay! – said item was reduced. We’ll skip over the fact that my pink dress (see here) was reduced (Pants!). Anyway, a quick visit to the shop and quick look through the rails was fruitless. I had a quick chat with one of the assistants and she said that the dress in question had been incredibly popular. Despite the somewhat high fashion cut of the neckline (i.e.: it’ll date quickly), said dress has been selling like the proverbial. Still, it meant I saved a few quid. I did see a cute mini-skirt, but I skipped on that, mainly because I’ve got two I’ve not worn yet.

Talking of fashion and popular, Sandi mentioned that Gok Wan’s new range for Sainsbury’s (yes, another supermarket), looks very nice. I’ve had a look on-line and the items do look good. Some nice styles and if Gok’s true to his word on flattering styles, there should be something for everyone…. even six foot blokes. 🙂 Anyhoo, I’m reserving judgement as I’ve yet to see the clothes in the real world. Much as I like a bargain, I’m a wee bit fussy when it comes to the feel of a garment, but from what Sandi said, the Gok stuff sounded pretty good. Something to check out next time eh? (Ed: apologies for the unintentional pun).

I guess that leads us on to Chams. What a busy night! Over the last few weeks there’s been a few emails to the group from new folk wanting to come along. These messages are reasonably frequent and I treat each enquiry as best I can. I guess it’s that time of year as last night, we had four visitors come for their first time: Amy, Vanessa, Pattie and D. You do your best to sit folk down, have a chat with them and ply them with a drink to sooth their nerves. By drink, I mean tea or coffee, the gin bottle is sadly missing 🙂

I find it a bit tricky because while you don’t want anyone to feel ignored, equally, you don’t want to be in anyones’ face, forcing conversation on them.  I was glad to see the group welcome the visitors and in particular Tracey, Sandi & Alison taking the time to include them.

One thing I will add, is that through conversations with one of the new folk, it made me realise how easy I have it. By that I mean, coming out and the bumps along the road have been pretty mild compared to the journey of others. Don’t get me wrong, upsetting Mrs Jones (over ten years ago) was not pleasant and something I felt truly awful for. Sure, I got outted back at home (blimey, twenty years!), but I never faced the intimidation or outright abuse that some people had to live with. So, you do your best to alay people’s fears and try to help them. Even if it’s just simple things such as trying to break down that old Devil that it’s wrong in some way. Sure, it’s a bit different to the norm, but it could be a lost worse.

Maybe that’s why I try to help out at the group – at least in little ways. I’d hate to see the group go under because of the friends I’ve made there and also that it can – and I say this very seriously – that to some, it’s a truly a lifeline. The necessity to drop the pretense cannot be underrated – and I don’t mean the dressing up, although that’s very welcome. Just to be able to share with people like you, is – certainly for me – incredible. I doubt I’d have got to a state of self-acceptance without the help and support of Chameleons. So, I found it a sad to hear that a local group has recently shut up shop. I’m not familiar with the full ins and outs of it, but it sounds like internal politics may have caused it. Shame, but there you go.

I got to catch up with folk: Sophie was back from her travels. There was no sign of Maddy or Gayna, so I’m guessing the were out on the tiles (dirty stop outs 😀 ). Maddy’s friend from down south, Tanya, popped in as she’s visiting Oop North. Talking of travels, Sam, Tracey and Kate headed in to town for a night out. As it was on my doorstep, I politely declined. Willpower? There’s a change! 🙂 I had hoped to have a chat with Kate as she doesn’t always come along, but with all the social butterfly routine, I didn’t get chance. I did talk to Nicole a bit more and she’s coming up to being at the group for a year. How quickly time goes eh?

After a night of witty banter and yummy cakes, it was time for the obligatory photos. D (Mrs Patty) let slip she had some photography experience, so she soon put us amatuers to rights 🙂 Outfit-wise, after investing in some 150 denier opaques (Ed: at what point does high denier start to become equal to tog value?), it was on with the skirt I didn’t wear last time around. Having toned up a little, my blue M&S top fitted better and I was pretty happy with the whole ensemble.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Ruff Justice [sic] by Pop Will Eat Itself ]


  1. The booties are gorgeous, and look tres chic and very much at home on you.

    Delighted all is well.

    You are spot on about the value of community. Glad yours is thriving, no doubt down in part to your leadership.

    Haven't fully made my mind up on the 150d tights though, but might just have to follow your fashion leadership on the matter. I will advise presently…

    Looking good Lynn.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    xo – Petra

  2. Penny: It would be nice to see you again, Penny. It's a bit of a long trek for you isn't it.

    Petra: Thanks, Mrs and yes, I'm glad to report being back on track too.

    The leadership is very much a shared gig with Sandi, Tracey, Gayna and a few others helping out.

    Let me know on the tights front, BTW!

    Lucy: Absolutely! There was an email from a first time visitor and they were over the moon about it. IMO, it's that that makes it worthwhile.

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