“Panic on the streets of London,
Panic on the streets of Birmingham.”

Hi there,

How’s things? For those of you in the UK, I hope that you’ve not been caught in any of the fallout from the looting. Yes, I did saying looting; IMO it’s not a protest when you’re taking goods from shops or setting fire to buildings…. while people are in them. Compared to London and other major cities, Nottingham wasn’t too badly affected. Yes, there was a fire bomb attack on a police station – note that it was a small community office, which no doubt made it seem like an easy target. Luckily, no-one was hurt and arrests were made. I honestly don’t know what the attackers were thinking.

Perhaps like a lot of people, I wonder how sections of our society have arrived at a world view where they feel they are able to do such vile deeds. No doubt, various proverbial fingers will be pointed – upbring, celeb culture, lack of role models, single mothers, government cuts, compensation culture, an inflated sense of entitlement – but really, will that do any good? Is there something now endemic within the British psyche and if there is, how do we get rid of it? My fears – other than it could happen again, is the other side of the coin: the crackdown against it. It wasn’t so long ago I read a magazine article from a civil rights campaigner who was warning about we Brits selling our rights away over the terrorist threat. Yet, here we are, post-unrest and there’s talk about new laws to shut down social media and messaging systems. I can’t say I’m overly impressed with the idea of the latter. It seems too heavy handed and as I work in IT, locking a system off isn’t easy.

Ponder, ponder, ponder…

Despite all of the above, generally speaking, I tend to shy away from commenting on events in the wide world. I suppose my feeling is there are enough people who write about said history / events and anything I add is pretty much going to be through my own personal bias. I should add that there’s nothing wrong with the latter, after all, isn’t that part of the point of the Internet; that you can talk about pretty much anything? Maybe there’s another element to it, one that I keep this little ol’ blog just about trans stuff and yours truly. A shallow monument to my ego? Possibly 😉 That or an interactive record of what goes on for trans folk here and there. With most things, the truth lies somewhere between.


It being the second Thursday in the month, it was time for a visit to Nottingham Chameleons. Luckily, the weather had cooled somewhat and in fact, I saw a number of office ladies in thick tights and boots in certain cases. Not having to worry about the heat too much, I opted for jeans, heels and a suitable top. Me being me, I did pack two pairs of jeans – one set of dark blue skinnies, the other a pair of white straight legged ones. Top-wise, I wasn’t 100% decided, so in went a few and I put two pairs of shoes in as well.

While I could decide on the skinnies, I couldn’t quite decide on a top. Having got their early and done my slap first, it meant that as other folk arrived (Pat, Gaynor and Alison), they had use of the large mirror if they wanted it. I had a brief malfunction in the nail varnish department. I had bought what I’d hoped to be a toffee coloured polish, but once on – and as Alison said – it wasn’t really me. Funny how some shades look really good on some folk, but on another, they’re no good.

The evening itself was more subdued than the party atmosphere from last time. To be honest, I like the fact that the group doesn’t revolve around having to have loud music and a theme every week. It let me catch up with friends after all. Emma and Sam decided to pop by, so it was good to catch up with both of them. Sophie had brought cakes along, although with yours truly being on a diet – and one that’s working (yay!) – willpower did manage to win out and I only had two choccie biccies. The diet? Well, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones said she wanted to tone up a little, so dutiful husband that I am, I’ve tried to fit in with the new approach to mealtimes and dog walking duties. To be honest, I feel much healthier, fitter and – shallow mare than I am – my clothes fit much better…. both sets. 😉

In other Chams news, there’s plans for a Bring & Buy next time and Pat’s been trying to line up a visit from a local underwear retailer. That’s likely to be October and the vendor has said he’ll knock a few quid off the Internet prices, because we won’t need postage on them.

The night wound down to a close and after the obligatory photo shoot, all was tidied away with pots washed and lights switched off. All that remained was a quick (!) change upstairs and to wait for the caretaker to lock up. All in all, a cracking night out.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Panic by The Smiths ]


  1. This past week I was getting confused. Was David Cameron in Syria or England? At the moment I think he's got the two nations mixed up.

    (Don't get me started on the identity stuff. I heard David was starting to wear robes, talk in tongues and call Bashar for advice.)

  2. I was amazed at what was going on in the UK this week – and the excuses being used to do it.

    There was an interview with two girls who were looting an off license. Their excuse was basically "the owners have money, we don't. So it's fair."

    Good luck with the trimming down – I bow down to your will power (I wish I had it!) The only will power I have is not to put myself in temptations way (no biscuits, crisps or chocolate comes into the house most of the year!)


  3. Carolyn Ann: Although I didn't vote for Dave, I did find myself nodding in agreement with some of the things he said…. but clearly, not all of them. 😉

    My main worry is that there'll be some knee-jerk reactions that'll be bad for us long term (IMO). I guess we'll see.

    Stace: I missed that interview, but there were similar ones. I remember one – pre-looting – with a lad put away for serial burglary, he said pretty much the same time. How folk justify things to themselves eh? 😉

    Thanks for the well wishes on cutting down. Mrs J found a smartphone gadget that lets you tap in what you're thinking of eating and it works out a diet plan for you. I find it really helpful, as I'm clueless when it comes to that type of thing! 😀

  4. With the wall-to-wall coverage I think we all heard someone make asinine comments justifying their looting. You have to admire the sheer balls of the reporters (female ones included!) who collected the material. I find it very worrying that whenever there is a big problem (planes, bombs, riots) all the government can think of is eroding our freedoms.
    On a more positive note, I too found losing a bit of weight was good in so many ways. And truth to tell my main motivation was – you guessed it – to be able to fit those clothes a bit better. Avoiding the pounds creeping on is hard, but it can be done if you lay off the chocolate hobnobs!

  5. Sophie: LOL. Snaffle snaffle! 🙂

    Penny: Certain reporters were really in the midst of it and there were times when the story seemed to come before personal safety.

    It may not be PC to say this, but I couldn't help feel that if the Police had given one or two rioters 'zero tolerance', I wonder if it would have spread so?

    Ahh, choccy hobnobs: the most addictive substance known to man, woman and the undecided. 😉 Good luck in your efforts to slim down.

  6. I suspect that any draconian laws to curb this kind of unrest will only harm the average citizen (and legitimate peaceful protests). The real criminals will just find new ways to break the law.

  7. Hi Lynn, I'm from the States and just happened to run into your blog as I learn more about the crossdressing community…I'm an amateur learning to dress, it has been in me for so long and I'm finally sharing it…and boy am I sharing it! lol.I really liked your article on what's going in your nation, it's very unfortunate, and I really hope things will calm down and turn for the better. There are so many things involved which have caused a detriment to many countries, but I think looting and destruction of the land you walk on is the last thing anyone should be doing. It is very sad when this happens, not only for those who are hit directly but for those who are heading to the future of these nations, the kids, who have to see these and imprint these acts in their little minds. I hope that people become more educated about the facts that get us angry and we take other methods to express our frustrations instead of adding to it. So many work to maintain peace and a sense of logic in their communities, and it should be maintained in order for it to spread to an entire nation even if it is sporadically. It's just the way it is now in days in our world. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring! (I hope that you don't get offended by my page, I'm just a little more expressive with my crossdressing side…image wise!but promise not go too far) Kisses. Mymysterycd Lisa

  8. Pandora: I once heard: trying to lock down the Internet, is like trying to nail jelly* to the wall.

    There were riots and crime waves (remember 'steaming'?) prior to social media. I can't help but think that Twitter et al, put the wind up governments. Perhaps nothing really changes; wasn't there similar problems with the printing press…? Not that either of us were around back then! 🙂

    (* 'jell-o' for our American readers )

    Lisa: Hello! Things have calmed down and the streets are as safe as they were before. 🙂

    I wouldn't describe the activity as rioting per say, most of the damage seemed to be looting and then copy-cat looting after London's first wave.

    As to being offended, no, I'm not. Each of us has our own take on what it means to be trans and far be it from me to say what's right or wrong.

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