“We’re pretty, a-pretty vacant…
And we don’t care”

Howdy all,

I think it was around Tuesday, possibly mid to late afternoon, that I found myself thinking about wanting to feel pretty again. To our non-trans reader(s), that may sound a bit odd, but then I’ve never found the whole trans thing to make any particular sense. 😉 So after a good six weeks or so, the Trans Force returned. Not with a bang, but the gentle nudge of be nice to stretch those legs and make an effort, no?

Despite being unable to shift the holiday induced spare tire, or so it felt, I packed a bag – with just the one outfit mind (Ed: another first?) – and headed off to Chameleons. Despite a little issue in the nail varnish department, I think I managed to get everything on the right way around and I hadn’t lost the ability to walk in heels. I guess it is like riding a bike, only a bit more hip movement is involved 😛

I got to catch up with the Unusual Suspects and there was the post-Sparkle discussion. Sophie’s comments about the hotel room being larger than her friend’s house tickled me. As did her tale of falling up the split level stairs. I don’t know why, but my brain painted it in a sort of glamorously dressed Mrs Doyle doing a comedy tumble (Ed: for you overseas readers, Google Father Ted and then check YouTube).

We also had a visit from a few new folk. One group where mother & son – I shall keep their names on the QT. We talked about this and that. People mingled and I hope they both got something out of the evening. Other than meeting them – which is interesting in itself – it reminded a few of us what it was like when we were a lot younger. I don’t know about you, but while I’d have loved to have met and talked with people like me, I also think I would have probably freaked out and not made it through the door. Hell, it wasn’t until my late 20s that I think I got over the worry about being trans. Add a few more years on the clock and I’d say it took until my mid 30s to be totally okay with it. I doubt I’m unique on that front and if it was similar for you, or equally not so much, you know where the comment box is. 🙂

The next meeting will be the Summer Party and yours truly will be supplying a few tunes via the laptop. I’m not sure what I’ll be picking yet and although I did find some freeware DJ software, I’ve yet to really get my head around it. Part of me would like to put together some type of mix for the evening…. however, there’s a larger part that’s happier to sit about and not have to go over another learning curve. 😀

In all the laid back attitude to getting ready, I forgot to pack my camera, so I will be relying on the generosity of others to oblige a snap (thanks to Sophie and Val!). Hopefully I didn’t crack the lens. At the end of the evening, a few of the group headed off to a local pub (trans friendly) outside of town. I was tempted to go along, however, heading home in Lynn Mode isn’t always the best idea when Wee Man might wake up wanting to spend a penny. Really, I’ve no idea how to bluff that one by him. 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols ]


  1. I really felt for the 'youngster', but I also see how they have opportunities that weren't there for us. How far our community has come.

    Snaps are on their way. ;o)

  2. Our community has indeed made great leaps over the past few years. At the GIC in Nottingham last year I got talking to a mother while I was waiting for my appointment. She was there with her 15 year old 'daughter' who was transitioning and the support she had for her was fantastic.

    I'll be attending the summer party on my first visit to Chams for 2 years (nearly to the day coincidentally) and I'm really looking forward to catching up with you Lynn.

    Love Em x x x

  3. Sophie: It's still a scary time, but as you say, we (society?) have come on a long way since the… umm… other decades.

    Thanks for the snaps BTW!

    Emma: I think it's excellent news that parents are with their kids over their gender choice. I suppose it must be a shock, but top job on being their to support and help.

    Yay! Another one for the summer party. It'll be great you catch up with you and I can't believe it's been two years. Where did they go? 🙂

  4. It seems like things a bit better now than they were when I was beginning to crossdress regularly when I was in my teens. If nothing else, I wish I had known there were so many people like me. It would have helped with the loneliness and guilt.

    While I do believe things have improved, I still think it's very difficult. I've read several posts recently by girls in their 20s who reflect on how difficult it can be and how they despair of meeting a woman who will be supportive of their whole self.

  5. Never a cracked lens here m'dear. Smashing frock, love the shoes, and you look (as always) happy and in one of your natural elements.

    Never mind the spare tire 🙂

    And thanks so very much for the lovely Pistols memory. Thinking of this tune makes me feel as young as I do slithering into a tight(ish) skirt.

    Cheers – P

  6. Lisa Marie: True. I suppose while society may have moved on, maybe we trans folk haven't. I don't mean that in a catty way, moreover, the same doubts and worries exist and may continue to do so.

    Of the trans folk I know, a number of them are married or have long term partners. Maybe it's just the social circle I move in. I'd like to think there's someone special out there for everyone.

    Petra: Thanks for the kinds words and Sophie's camera is none the worse for wear.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed a bit of the Pistols. No pogos okay? 😉

    Mavis: Hi there. Welcome to the tranisphere 😉 By all that's unholy, a real lady! 😀

    Thank you for the comment and I've been reading your blog too. It's had me chuckling more than once.

    BTW, how did you end up here?

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