“Now it’s the same room but everything’s different”


Blustery days – a la Winnie the Pooh – are here again. The clouds zip through the sky as if on some type of stop motion playback. Below, it’s a bit more sedate – even if somewhat windy 🙂 How’s things with you? Ticking along nicely I hope.

This year – at least in the UK – it’ll be time for another census. How things have changed at Jones Towers in the last ten years. Before there was two of us and pets, now there are four of us and no pets. Come to think of it a few weeks, it’ll be the anniversary of me dating the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. Happy days!

I guess we’re a traditional household, 2 kids, both parents work, there’s two cars: pretty middle of the road and middle class too. We’re not working class, not with what I or the Every Lovely Mrs Jones does for a living. Not sure why folk get on their high horse about being ‘down the the people’ by faking there working class roots.

Maybe it’s because the middle classes are deemed to be the Great Beast in the media. All those Yummy Mummies and their Chelsea tractors, children dropped off at private school, the second home abroad or in the Home Counties. Funny thing is, maybe we’re further down the social food chain – we’re still lucky tho! – but, I don’t know anyone like that. Maybe the stereotype does exist, but if it does, I’ve yet to have the pleasure (!).

So how have things changed in the last ten years? Clearly, Mrs J and I are older – now both closer to 40 than I think we’re ready for. Still, time creeps up on you like that. Previously we were a couple, now we’re a family. It’s not always been easy at times, but that is life for you. Thing is, I had doubts about my abilities as a parent, even as a dad. Luckily, the kids don’t arrive in teenager tearaway mode and you’ve got lots of small steps. Time to get your head around it.

Do I make a good dad? That I can’t answer, you’d have to ask my nippers that. Plus, they may be biased as do they have any other frame of reference but their own? I’d like to think I try. Sure, I can be narky and lose my rag when pushed, but then show me a parent who doesn’t get those emotions 🙂 I like to be involved and help out. Sure, work is important, but I get more out of family life. It’s a bit odd to be pretty much the only dad in the playground or for sports day.

Does being t-something interfere with it? I’d say yes and no. On the upside, I think it opens you open to being a bit more middle of the road, at least, from a gender point of view. Less stiff upper lip and ‘be tough’, instead, more cuddles and talking it through. Personally, I doubt I’ll be taking my lad (or Little Miss) down to the footy ground, but you can’t have it all. My dad never did – he wasn’t interested either – and it never affected me 🙂

So have things changed a lot for you over the last decade? Maybe it’s more of the same and you’re settled in what you are up to.

Anyways, have a nice weekend.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Weather With You by Crowded House ]


  1. I wonder if we'll get a repeat of the Jedi/census urban myth this time?

    As a fully ordained minister of the Church of the Latter Day Dude, I'm not sure quite what to put if religion is a box again 🙂

    CAPTCHA: sinciti 🙂

  2. Pandora: Possibly. Would it be wrong to say it has as much basis in fact as other ones? 😉

    I'm not familiar with the LDD, so I think some search engine fun and games awaits. Assuming I get round to it, being of the Apathist faith. 🙂


  3. I love my children (we have three). But. Someone. Is. Always. Home. My wife and I are always so pleased when we have the house to ourselves, even for a little while. I love our family and our family togetherness but I could do with just a little less togetherness. Last week, we had a major snowstorm here in Chicago. We're very fortunate. We have a warm house, we didn't have to go out, everyone was very pleasant (something about a snow day that makes a child very happy). However, after a day of family time, I was ready to get out for a bit. I don't think that makes me a bad parent. Just makes me wish for a little time by ourselves.

  4. Sophie: Thanks…. I assume you refer to the comedy voices reserved for story telling? 😉

    Linda: Hi! Much as kids are lovely, I think there's also those rare times when there is no-one about and the place is calm and quiet.

    That or taking them to the park, watch them run their energy off and then they'll sit quietly through a film in the afternoon 😉

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