“You can check it all out, it’s the weapon of choice”

Hey all,

Nothing but good news this week… as way of a change 😉 No distant bark of the black dog. Maybe it’s been blown away by the recent gales? You can but hope eh?

With a smile from Lady Luck and a few TXTs, I got the meeting agreed with the Avon Ladies. I had a slight wardrobe brain fail on the Wednesday and so I did my usual of packing two outfits. This time, the kilt-style skirts, new top, leggings, spare tights, two sets of boots and some skinnies just in case. Maybe that was a tad overkill, even for me, but despite trying to lay the items on the bed and decide, my mind was a bit all over the place.

So, heavy bag in had, I dropped Little Miss off at Granny’s and made my way to Chameleons. I was very early to arrive, so I got the book out and headed upstairs to get changed. One of the good things about turning up early is if the room’s free, you can set up. Sadly it wasn’t, so I was upstairs and the extra half an hour gave me time to try mixing the outfit up a little. Funny, last time the plan of skirt + tights + boots hadn’t worked, yet on the night all was good. Strange that. Do you find your opinion of an outfit changes when you get close to going out?

How the professionals do it.

Fully changed, I headed downstairs to find some of the others had turned up. Tracey and Sandi were about – if somewhat knackered after a very busy day. The evening rolled on and I caught up with Pat, Maddy and Alison too. No sign of Sophie (get well soon Mrs!) Then, as arranged, the Avon reps turned up. All three of them – I’ll spare their names – and we had a good natter and Maddy had her make-up redone. Talk about tools of the trade: check out those bad boys! 🙂

As they got the camera out for some photos for the Avon magazine, I nipped out to make more tea for them. Guess I’m not quite ready to see my mug in a magazine just yet. 😉 I’ve got some snaps of that, but they won’t go on here unless she’s cool with that. The make-up lady did a really good job on Maddy’s eyes. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the process, but I was talking with Sandi and Tracy.

We got talking about various things and conversation turned to the fight – is that the right word? – against depression. I found what both Sandi and Tracy had to say very interesting. Sandi: because she went through the mill as being Tracy’s wife, and Tracy: as she went through trans issues and depression too. Bottling it doesn’t seem to be the answer (obvious in hindsight), but equally, the BASEjump launch into transition isn’t right for everyone either. Some yes, but everyone? Hmmm. Like I said last time, I’d be happy to flip between each role because I know I wouldn’t make a passable woman. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me and Tracy’s comments were along the same lines.

Sam turned up later on and it wasn’t long before we got out the famous Chams photo backdrop, or to use its technical name: the sheet. 🙂 There was much larking about and photos taken. I had a really good laugh. Again, just utter silliness and other such japery. After that, time to get changed and give Alison a lift back home. I thought it would be a bit mean to make her get the bus given the weather and the time.

All good stuff.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim ]


  1. Petra: No worries. 🙂 Yes, plenty of japery and quite possibly tomfoolery to be had at Chams. Life would be far duller without the insanity of Chams banter. 😉

  2. Sounds like a much better week!

    That is some make up kit there – far more than my little toilette bag that I carry my few bits in!

    I have a few outfits that I really have to be in the right frame of mind for them to work. I put them on, look in the mirror and hate the look. The next day I could love it. It goes for bloke mode clothes as well!

    Keep up the larking about,

  3. Stace: It most certainly was, Stanley 🙂 It is quite a kit isn't it. All those brushes. What do they do? 😉 Certainly far more extensive that the one I carry too.

    On with more larking about! 😀

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