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It doesn’t seem long since I was here a few days ago, typing stuff away into the blogger input form. I suppose the rush of time – or to use the technical term: ‘whoosh’ – goes that much quicker when you have time off. I’ve had most of this week away to look after Wee Man. He is, of course, on summer holiday and there are only so many summer camps a lad can go to. So it was time for some father/son time. Building Lego, walks in the countryside, a trip to the local park, video games and a few choice films. All in all I had a great time and I hope he did too. The English Monsoon arrived towards the end and there was a total downpour t’other day. Luckily Wee Man and I were still in the car at that point. When the path started to look more like a stream than river it was next to, we headed for home. Apart from that, all went well. 🙂

In other news, I bought a new mobile phone – or smart phone, as they’re called these days. I may work in IT, but when it comes to home gadgets, I’m a bit behind the curve. I guess that’s a combination of being careful with my money and not always trusting what a vendor says about a product. After the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones’s mobile carked it and to be fair, it was five years old, we both ended up with new handsets. Monthly contracts – which I’m fine with – and the unit runs that new fangled Android thingy. Sure, I’ve read about what this OS can do, but I was surprised just how feature rich the system was. It really is like having a tiny laptop with you. But gadget aside, I find the best bit is that it’s easier to keep in touch with people. What about you? Have you *ahem* invested, or aren’t you bothered? Part of me is amazed and what it can do, while another part looks to the future and wonders what’ll replace it. Technology eh? 😉

Thursday was Chams time again. I started to pack a few things on the Wednesday but I could not get my head around a look. In the end I packed two pairs of shoes and three outfits. I was late setting off on Thursday and when I got there, my head was still all over the place. Do you get that? You take a few favourite items and yet you look on them unable to put together something that feels right? Anyways, what I’d got – which I normally like – just didn’t click. Maybe it was because the tops were both too fitted? I’m still not sure, but so it goes some days. It was a case of on again, off again, on again, off again. After asking for a second opinion, I settled on the A line mini and a pink top. Indecision, coupled with a late arrival, meant I was late coming down and two friends popped up to make sure I was okay (thanks girls!). That was touching and it was nice to have a chat away from the hubbub of the main group. When I finally got myself ready, I headed downstairs and somehow ended up in the kitchen chatting. Maybe it’s like parties?

Again, time flew by – talk about last time’s meal out from those who went (it went well), some comedy stories – and then half ten was soon upon me. There was time for a quick photo session and Sandi was good enough to get us all together for a group shot. In other news, I’ve started to fish out the contact details for Boots and Sandi mentioned that we may be getting a visit from a jewellery seller next time around. Sounds good!

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[ Today’s lyric: God is a DJ by Faithless ]


  1. I "invested" a week ago in a Desire. The headphone socket on the iPhone died on me whilst running so I used that as an excuse to replace it.

    It's by far the best I have used, crisp screen, as you say feature rich – and tethering to the laptop on the train is a doddle as it acts as a WiFi access point.

    Only downside is the battery life. I'm back in charge every evening land.

    Works nicely as a phone too 🙂


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