“Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.”


Earlier in the week…

The sun pushed away the clouds to bathe dear Old England in a wonderfully warm summer glow. Not a cloud graced the bright blue sky and it was sunblock o’clock if you wanted to stay outside. It boarded on the slightly too warm at times, but it was great to be outdoors (with the kids) and just enjoy the weather. Mind you, it was also rather good to find a local restaurant with very good air-con too. 😉

Summer-time for someone like me can be a little awkward. It can be too hot for full warpaint + wig in hot weather.  Still, as management would say there are challenges rather than problems. Strange, I see problems at work, but (cross)dressing for the summer, an excuse to get inventive with my fashion choices. Not that I’d ever described myself as high-fashion, high street fashion maybe. 🙂

Much as I like a cute summer skirt, during the summer (for stealth reasons), it’s skinny jeans or leggings for yours truly. Mind you the funny thing is, I know a few trans folk who dislike trousers. They’re too male, I’ve heard said. Maybe, but I don’t have anything in my male wardrobe that feels like a good pair of skinny jeans and white wide legged cotton trousers? Very cool despite the rising temps. IMO great with killer sandals and painted toes.

Midweek Amusement

I was going to talk about school stuff – not in a doomy kinda way, moreover how there were good bits and not so good bits. The gist of it is, I guess, that would I really be me now if certain things hadn’t happened? I suppose that takes you down the route of nurture vs nature. How much does growing up shape you? Unless your childhood is very traumatic, are we set for a path as is? I suppose I got a few small knocks along the way, but they didn’t lay me out flat. Something else to be thankful for!

Such musings were thrown to the wind when I fell upon the Wednesday TV schedule. Dodgy voices, over-the-top costumes and killer heels. Honestly, you’d be thinking FlickR, but no, it was the Eurovision semifinals. Now, Eurovision is a bit Marmite… not sure if everyone gets that reference (Ed: sorry, over-seas reader!) but put it down to love it or hate it. Me being me – namely typically awkward – I was sort of indifferent: sometimes my cheese tolerance is off and I can’t take it. But this year, I was glad I sat through it. Some were dull, some were awful, but some were gold. Well, that slightly dodgy gold you get from the market, the stuff that rubs off on your fingers if you try to clean it. 🙂 Note to future entrants: 1) make sure you can sing and 2) the accordion needs to be added to the list of Weapons of Musical Destruction. They’re just wrong. 🙂 3) Lastly, can EV ever be too camp? 😉


Thursday night was very much a mixed bag. I had the good fortune to get their early – perhaps a little too early because the previous tenants were downstairs using the main room. I say mixed bag, not because there was anything wrong going on, I just didn’t really feel in the mood. Funny really, you spend the first half of the week thinking how go it’ll be to see people and to decide what to wear (Ed: Lynn, never let it be said you’re not a crossdresser through and through 😛 ).

As ever, I’d packed by bag the night before and again, as per, I had two outfits and some spare tops in case said outfit wasn’t quite right. But, the sun was most definitely shining, so it would be remiss of me not to make the most of the weather and go for something suited for more sunnier climes. Don’t worry, I won’t expose you to the nightmare that would be me in a bikini. Somethings are better left unsaid and unimagined! 🙂

Once changed, I headed downstairs and put out a few tables & chairs outside: I thought we’d brave the slight chill in the summer air. Sometimes you’ve got to make the most of the British summer 🙂 People started to turn up, familiar faces and new peeps alike (Hi Katy!). We also had a re-run of the Bring & Buy and this time, perhaps due to less distraction, more items went. I did try a cute flower patterned skirt, but it was a bit snug on the rear, so back it went. All of the sale money went into the admission’s pot and despite this being billed as a likely ‘low turnout’ meeting (because Rocky Horror was on), we had quite a few people come along. The temperature started to drop, so we all headed inside and what wasn’t bought by the group, went into a charity bag. All in all, a good night in with the Chams crew and I was glad I made the effort.

It’s now a long weekend – thanks to the bank holiday – and then it’s just a short week before the Jones Massive head off on our summer holiday. I can’t wait!

Take care!

[ Today’s lyric: Freedom 90 by George Michael ]


  1. Smart summer outfit m'dear. Love the Marmite (not unheard of here in the colonies, you know) and love knowing how truly dreadful Eurovision can be.

    Have not seen it televised (or a winner for that matter) in forever but I remember it being the broadcast equivalent of a train wreck. Don't want to see it. Can't take eyes off it.

    Enjoy the hols!

  2. Great summer outfit, white cotton is great for the summer.

    EV, ahh… I love it providing that there is a presentor who knows how to deal with it. Tel was fantastic, witty and treated it with the respect it deserved. Graham Norton took over very well (but I'm a fan of his anyway). The presentors on BBC 3 this week were terrible I thought – which made the semi's all the harder to watch.


  3. …the accordion needs to be added to the list of Weapons of Musical Destruction. They're just wrong. 🙂

    Of the many strange things I've witnessed during the nearly fourteen years I've been working at the old folks' home where I do, one of the strangest occurred one night when everyone was finishing their tea in the facility's main dining room, and one of the other residents (who'd been eating elsewhere in the building) marched in with the accordion he played, and with no explanation whatsoever, just started churning out a bunch of songs. I don't think he said a word during his entire performance (which unfortunately turned out to be quite lengthy); nor did he show any expression at all (as I said, it was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen). Despite no doubt being just as nonplussed by the whole (agonizing) spectacle as I was, everyone else did the polite thing and applauded him at the end of each song, which of course only encouraged him to keep going (the fools!)! Needless to say, the individual in question (who's now no longer with us, and is presumably off playing his accordion in hell) was a very odd man (in quite a lot of respects)…

    On the matter of Eurovision, while I was introduced to the joys of that only a few years ago, I've become a firm fan, going so far as to buy the official CD of each year's contest (I still listen to them regularly too!). I also endeavour to watch it on TV, but unfortunately won't be doing so this year given that, lately (and for reasons I've been unable to fathom), I've been experiencing appalling reception for the station which screens it down here. I guess, therefore, that I'll just have to wait for it to come out on DVD, and resign myself to knowing the winner in advance (and also missing the sparkling commentary of Julia Zemiro, the attractively quirky woman who hosts it down here). 🙁 I still can't get my head around the fact that it was won by some violin-playing Norwegian pretty boy last year – I thought the only music anyone from that country played was angry black metal!

    BTW, I didn't have any problems with the Marmite reference. I just substituted Vegemite. 🙂

  4. Petra: Ahh, Eurovision, so bad, it's good. We do like our irony over here 🙂 There's plenty of YouTube footage, Facebook and the main website should you wish to be 'enlightened'. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about the outfit.

    Stace: Thanks, Mrs. Tel was good and Mr Norton seems a dab hand at it. As to Beeb 3, indeed, it was surprisingly basic. What had happened to Sarah's eyebrows by the way? I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

    Zosimus: If you have a list of strange things, you could have a book in the making 🙂 Did said gentlemen pass away peacefully in his sleep, or did the music lovers gang up and make it look natural? 🙂

    So you've got the EV bug too then? I'm surprised it's travelled so far, but then why not? Some fab frocks – and some awful ones – tonight. 😀

    "He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich." 😉

  5. If you have a list of strange things, you could have a book in the making 🙂

    Well, certainly a blog, if nothing else, except that I've heard that blogging about one's current employment can be a rather risky endeavour…

  6. Zosimus: It can be. Some whistleblower blogs haven't always ended well – for either party. I think there was one written by an air hostess and she got the boot as the airline didn't like what she got up. Nothing dodgy from what I recall, mostly comedy anecdotes, but not all firms are live and let live I guess.

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