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It’s been an odd sort of week this week. I’ve had a lot of time off – not due to sickness (thankfully) – but just to get stuff done. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is flat out at work, so dutiful husband that I am (with a few days leave under ones belt), I’ve had a couple of days off. Some to look after the kids, some to sort the house out (we’re having some decorating done) and also… a bit of time out and about. Sorting the house out took ages – honestly, I’ll be glad to go back to work for a rest. 🙂 I don’t think I’d fancy being a house husband, although the idea of shopping time sounds rather good 😛

In other news, it was time for a night out with the ‘girls’ and boy, did it chuck it down on the way. The heavens truly opened and the streets of Nottingham were awash. I felt rather sorry for some of the poor souls who got stuck out in it. A lucky few had umbrellas, but not everyone did. Still, you can only get so wet. It’s a time like these I don’t miss my motorbike. 🙂

Chams was a good laugh. We had a visit from the police – not because we’d done anything wrong, but more to have a talk about our needs and what they could do to help. Good stuff really. We had a bit of a chat about the Boots visit (which will hopefully come off as planned). I got to wear my new outfit (new boots w/ new skirt!) and for a bit of a change, I tried some (rather bright) pink tights.
I’ve been struggling to find something that went with the top for a while, and I thought the skirt did it. Black, sure, but with cute flower detail on it. But oh dear, ‘skirt fail’ as the zip died on me and I had a spot of bother getting out of said skirt. I suppose I could have replaced the zip, but instead, I took it back for a refund. I like to think you can get more than an evening’s wear out of a skirt. 🙂
Talking of visits, we’ve had a bit of a run on folk contacting the group. Evans are trying their hand, although I pretty much had to put a halt on that one. The invitation we had – while much appreciated – was just too early and as the shop is in the middle of town, a number of our members are too nervous to go. Fair enough I guess, so I had a lovely chat with the manageress and I think we’ll get something sorted out for the new year. Something to look forward to!
There was also a talk about the personal shopper service on offer. Seems Evans have had – well, still do I guess, have a number of gents who shop in their store. From what the manageress was telling me, they’ve fully embraced this and if a chap rings up – wanting clothes for themselves – an appointment can be made. The meeting is held off the shop floor and yes, you do get the try stuff on. Sure, you could be cynical about these things (Ed: surely not, Lynn) and say they want your cash, but you could look at in a positive light and say that mainstream shops are accepting us more and more.
The Christmas Party is in hand (thanks to Sandi and co) and this year we’re having a proper DJ… rather that the CDs I supply. That takes the pressure off yours truly and it’ll be cool to hear a professional set. Must remember to pack my dancing shoes. Oh, the date is 10th December if you’re thinking of coming along.
Take care,
[ Today’s lyric: Adonis Blue by Voice of the Beehive ]


  1. Thats a really lovely picture of you Lynn. Nice colours. :o)
    Shame about the weather, I was all set to try and get to say hi, but with it being dark as well as the torrential downpour, chickened out. :o(
    Oh well, try try again….

  2. Has it been raining this week? I hadn't noticed – the windows gave always been too wet 🙂

    Another great outfit Lynn, and yes I do think that you should expect more than one evenings wear out of clothes, maybe even two or three 🙂

    And I think it's great the amount of external people you attract to Chams.

  3. Good for Evans. Smart business. Retailers walk a fine line when they seek or cater to the CD/TG shopper. If too many of us show up, too loudly shall we say, it can scare the natives into shopping elsewhere. Which hurts the business that opened their arms to us.

    I think the idea of private shopping is a terrific solution to this little issue. And a nice throwback to a kinder gentler time when you could still get good service in the shops.

    Cute outfit, and nice to see a little impish grin on your mug. So serious always…

    Happy weekend…

  4. Sophie: Thanks, chuck. Sometimes I think it's nice to have a bit of variety.

    The weather wasn't ideal, but it's a very short dash between the car park and the side door. Hope you can make it soon… there's that make-over evening next time.

    Stace: Very droll 🙂 Well, said item has gone back. Shame as I really liked that skirt, but so be it. Guess I'll have to mix something up for next time.

    We do get a fair few visitors, and I think this – coupled with new folk who come along – help keep the whole fresh.

    Petra: Indeed. I think they (Evans) have got it right. Trans customers get the treatment they want and your trad(itional) folk don't get weirded out.

    Thanks for the kind words. "Why sooo serious?" 😛

  5. Evans should be congratulated for reaching out, I know a Evans-type chain in the US has been discretly reaching out for a few years and anything which encourages some that there's alternatives to seedy stores aimed at t-girls should be applauded. Great outfit, good look btw.

  6. Lucy: They should indeed. Okay, you could argue, it's all to do with money, but equally, they don't have to put themselves out like they have done. I think it's a good thing.

    BTW, has anyone been to a tranny specific shop? Is there any need with the high street nowadays.

    ps: Thanks for the kind words.

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