“So I say hello and I try to be nice,
But I see he’s feeling itchy”

Hey y’all,

Blimey, it’s been warm this week. Shirts and shorts…. and for the men, something similar :0)

The warm weather must be making the sap rise ‘cos I’ve had a bit of dodgy comment spam and we had a very iffy email to the Chameleons inbox. Now, I should point out that anyone who emails the group, their comments are kept private. Most of the emails are people asking when and where the meeting is, asking for help about getting there or sometimes offers from companies (more on that later). One of the admins replies; y’know a bit of encouragement, directions or what-not and that’s that.
Anyhoo, we’ve been pretty lucky in regards to keeping the *ahem* admirers away. Chams is a place for trans folk to meet up, have a chat and relax. It’s not somewhere to hook-up. >:-( An appropriately terse email has been sent back to the person in question. On a coincidental note, I’ve read two somewhat similar tales on two other trans blogs (Jenny’s and Justine’s). Basically, how some people assume that if you’re dressed like a lady (or girl for you young minxes out there), that you’d be interested in men. Errrk, wrong answer Hans! 🙂 Sorry, thanks, but no. En Oh. No. Not interested. Happily married thank you. Just move along.Anyway, on a slightly nicer note, Evans dropped the group an email. One part was to tell us about the new fashion stylist service they’re starting up (and we’re welcome to pop along). Talk about trans friendly eh? Then, on top of that, the offer of a late night shopping lock-in where we can shop-shop-shop to our little heart’s content during a trans only evening. Sounds cool eh? The clothes may not fit yours truly, but the shoes sure will 🙂 I’ve put a message on the forum and we’ll see how it goes.Finally, this is me done for a bit. Don’t worry – or breathe a sigh of relief – I’m not giving up just yet, but it is time for the Jones Massive to drift off on holiday. Man, I can’t wait!Take care,
Lynn[ Today’s lyric: Ladykiller by Lush. ]


  1. Jess: Indeed. Seriously, I was impressed. I mean, sure, cynically, they're after your cash, but they don't have to do this.

    Not to try and 'big this up' 🙂 but I think this is quite a development. I mean, recognising TG folk as customers? Is this a good thing?

  2. Having been on the opposite end of one of one of those encouraging emails, keep up the good work.
    Kudos to Evans as well.
    And the Lush reference, by coincidence I made them my new ringtone today.

  3. Lynn said…"but they don't have to do this."

    They certainly don't have to do it. And to be honest I suspect they might run the risk of losing some of their more narrow-minded clientele.

    For that reason alone it's a brave but very positive move. It's also an acceptance (and admittance) of a reality; many, many T-girls shop there. I have popped into the Aber store a few times now.

    So yes, it's a VERY good thing, and thanks for passing it on, Lynn.


    ps. I get the odd blog "follower" that turns out to be a porno site. I just block them. Luckily I've had no dodgy emails yet.

    Guess I'm not enough of a looker….

  4. I like Evans. They can be a bit optimistic with their pricing sometimes, but the staff are always good.

    Oooh, Lush! That takes me back a bit. *digs out CD and pervs over Miki Berenyi* 😉

  5. Glad to hear that the power of the purse still can win the day sometimes!

    May your holiday be wonderful!


  6. Lucy: Thanks Mrs! 🙂 A Lush ringtone eh? That is spooky.

    Chrissie: I suppose that is a risk, but will the latter find out? Plus, if they did, so what? 🙂

    Not a looker? Don't do yourself down!

    Pandora: The pricing can be a bit to be desired, but they are not the only chain to do that. My only complaint about some high street stuff is the overpricing of pretty much the same item in another shop. Again, pays to shop around. 🙂 The staff are top tho as you say.

    BTW, does anyone email a shop if they've had a good or bad experience in there?

    Ooo, the lovely Miki. Gone, but not forgotten. 🙂

    Alan: Thanks Mr. I hope to enjoy it as much as possible.

  7. Sorry it's been a while since I've been to your blog hon. Of course, the first thing I thought when I read your post was, 'Folks from across the Atlantic sound so much cooler when they say blimey'.

    It's great to have tranny friendly places popping up. I recently went in to a local activewear store in Seattle and had a fantastic experience myself. Not quite inviting us t-folks to come by, but I'll do that for them on my website when I rave about them 🙂

  8. Vanessa: No worries, hon. The whole 'blimey' thing works… so long as you don't sound like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins 🙂

    T friendly is a good thing. Hopefully it'll make it easier for those of our number who are worried about shopping for themselves.

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