“Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time”

Hi folks,

How’s things? Looks like I put the mockers on the good weather by talking about summer fashion last time! 🙂 It’s rained on and off for most of this week. However, the bright side to that is that it’s not too hot to get dressed up, so some small mercies eh?

Last week the work canteen was alive with cute dresses and bright shades. Whereas this week, it almost looks like the womenfolk have returned to the winter wardrobes. Opaques, boots, dark trouser suits, etc. That said, I saw a lady in a very fetching linen business suit. She stood out against the sea of black that we all gravitate towards.

So what else has been going on? It was time for a trip to Nottingham Chameleons last night and it was great to see everyone again. It’s funny, but the way the calendar falls, sometimes there’s a 2 week gap between meetings and it’s surprising how that longer gap – at least to me – makes you realise what regular socials mean.

It was also time for the group’s annual general meeting. We’re a bit… flexible… (Ed: no, not like that, you dirty minded so & sos) over the actual dates s of it 🙂 – but it’s the thought that counts. As prices rise, so will the attendance fee: that’s now up to 4 quid but I don’t think that’s bad. Fund-wise we’re doing okay and the Bring & Buy sales that we do help keep us afloat and top up the funds for parties and other special events. Your truly volunteered to record the minutes, so an excuse for a more secretarial look 🙂

There was much laughter and well meant banter during the proceedings – something that’s clearly not reflected in what I wrote down. One of those occasions where you had to be there. Come the end of it, I felt a little miffed that it had all come to an end so soon…. or at least so it felt. Do I want more? I don’t think so. I think I have the balance just about right for me and my family. But, as with any good night out, I think it’s only natural to want to keep having a good time.

One of the group, Yvonne, is having some treatment at a local hospital (get well soon, chuck!) and having got talking to the nurses, she came out to them. Their curiosity piqued, Yvonne showed them the group’s website – the one with the new photo by Debbie (good luck!)- and said, “there’s a real girl on there. Which one is it?” Now, truth by told, there isn’t but after a bit of umming and ahhing, the nurses pointed at my picture. So two things: firstly, Yvonne, cash or cheque love? :-)Secondly: the camera never lies (Ed: yeah, right! Dream on!)

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Don’t Stop me Now by Queen ]


  1. Always an ego boost isn’t it? Remember it any time your confidence dips!

    My social circle still laughs about the time I was mistaken for a female friend of mine by a Polish sailor. Admittedly I was in fancy dress and it was under nightclub conditions 🙂

    I hope while in secretary mode someone managed to sneak in “Take a letter Miss Jones.”

  2. Pandora: I wouldn’t know. It’s the first time that’s happened to me 🙂 It was rather nice though. As say, something to reflect on when the old confidence drops a little.

    Polish salior eh? LOL. That’s the problem with trannys and fancy dress: we don’t do drag, we’re too busy approaching it from the ‘looking good’ angle.

    Miss Jones? [chortle] No, you’re the first one to make that gag.

  3. Im my humble opinion of my own experience, great deal of “passing” always depends heavily on my own state of mind first, and the appropriateness of attire second. Not much chance of success while wearing a formal gown to the beach, (unless you’ve got a photographer in tow).

    Seriously though, I think you’ve achieved both the confidence and the appropriateness Lynn. Again IMHO. Enjoy!

  4. Emma: I think you’re on the money with that statement. Passing is a state of mind. Feel good = look good?

    I look in the mirror (once suitably dressed) and I don’t worry about it. Not because I think I pass, but because I don’t care either way. If I do, I do and if not, well, they’re strangers right?

    That said, it’s nice when it happens 😀

  5. Could the colors have more to do with the mood of the times…a bit of springtime happy followed by too much news of the economy and scandal? Even being me I’ll put on darker things if I’m glowering than if I’m not…


  6. I checked out the photo you mentioned, and guessed you were the person at the far left. Yes, you do look good in that shot.

    I’ve mentioned it before online (I don’t remember if it was here or somewhere else) that we CDers are a strange lot when it comes to the whole “being mistaken for a girl” thing. Mistake the average guy for a girl, and he’ll take a week to get over the “shame” of it all. Mistake one of us for a girl, and we’ll take just as long to come down from the high it gives us! And yes, it’s happened to me as well on occasion!

  7. ‘Don’t stop me now’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. Happy memories were evoked!

    ‘Passing’ might have made a great deal of difference to me, but since it was never going to happen, we’ll never know. I’m mindful that scary and hateful things can happen to anybody, whatever their gender and whatever gender they’re ‘presenting’ as. Such is life!

  8. Alex: I agree. Why grasp at the fleeting or worry about the unobtainable. Just enjoy the ride. 🙂

    Zosimus: That would be me, in the pink skirt. Man, does that sound odd typing that sat in jeans and a long t-shirt 🙂 Yes, being mistaken, how to make a tranny’s day eh? 😀

    MFV: Bad things can happen, but so too can the good. Glad to hear you got a kick from the lyric.

  9. Passing, I've always found, is in the eye of the beholder. Like you I don't always expect it & it's a fab lift when it comes.

    I dunno about you Lynn but it tends to make my day more when people make positive comments about my outfit. But then.. a compliment is a compliment is a compliment 😀

  10. Justine: I think I know what you mean about outfit compliemtns. Perhaps it’s that I (and you?) can find that more likely than someone would like the outfit than mistake my real sex.

    But like you say, compliments are welcome and are always met with polite thanks. 😀

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