“Although nothing seems right… in cars.”

Howdy partners,

I’ve had this post rattling around my head for a while. Don’t worry, it’s not exactly deep nor scary. So what’s the biggie? There’s been a shift in my lifestyle; not the giving up thing which seems to have done the rounds of late, but in some small way, the end of an era for me. I’ll get to the point in a mo. Sheesh, you’d think I was paid by the word wouldn’t you! 🙂

Anyhoo, for the last decade or so I’ve ridden my motorbike to/from work in pretty much all weathers. As H’s job has changed, we’re now a 2 car household: my biking days are over. Dare I say I was lucky for 10 years? I guess so. I’ve come off twice (and it bloody hurt – that tends to focus your road sense) but Fate was kind to me and I, unlike other people I knew, saw neither serious injury nor expensive repairs.

In the last month of the summer holidays, I’d been in two minds over getting a car. On one hand I liked riding the bike to work: it was cheap to run, great through traffic queued traffic and ultimately, fun. The feel of the wind, the noise and just the feeling that you weren’t cooped up, but more part of what’s going on around you. To me, that’s the appeal of biking, not burning down a country lane trying to ‘get my knee down’. I know some folks love that, but it’s just not my bag, baby. 🙂

The downsides to biking, of course, are that it’s not so fun when you spend 10 minutes either end getting togged up or finding somewhere to dry your gear when the heaven’s have opened. Then there’s the whole safety issue…. I’ve not missed riding in the driving rain on only two wheels this week.

Course, the filp side to queues and higher road tax is that I get to take Wee Man to school (a bit of father/son time together). I can listen to MP3s without deafening myself and I can just get in/out without wandering into the office looking like a kevlar Darth Vader.

So while I’m happy with my little tin box, a little part of me can’t help a little sad I won’t be riding off into the sunset. Perhaps if I’d waited to swap transport in December, I wouldn’t be feeling quite so nostalgic. 🙂


In other news, I spotted L’Oréal’s Star Secrets in a magazine. Basically, they’re small packs of make-up, where each one if themed along a look from one of their celebrity models. While they’re not cheap, you do get blusher, 3 shades of eyeshadow and lippy in a cute little packet. I bought a set the other day – the colours looked very nice – and I’ll give them a spin next time I’m out.

Talking of make-overs (Ed: coo, that was seamless), I’ve had a bit of a change around on the old blog. I won’t win any design awards that’s for sure, but it’s nice to have a bit of a change around once in a while.

Take care!

[ Today’s lyric: Gary Numan’s Cars… although I do have a soft spot for the Fear Factory version 🙂 ]


  1. Here the motorists have 5 months a year to forget about motorcyclists, and that gets bad when they forget how to drive between rainstorms. I sold my Triumphs when my boys were small, promising my wife I wouldn’t ride again until they were grown and gone. Now that she’s had a hip and knee replaced she’s been told to never climb on one again (or a horse, or a jetski, or a snowmobile) so odds are that, though I think of them fondly some days, I’m probably stuck between 4 instead of on two.

    Of course, with all respects to Joseph Lucas, my ’58’s didn’t run in the rain anyway!


  2. I’m an all-weather rider; heck, I even ride in the snow. (Ice, well, maybe not…) I like the cruising, being a part of the scenery part of motorcycling, too. That’s what I use my Royal Enfield and Vespa for. (One of the things I really like about riding across America was being such a part of the scenery. Except when it was really, really cold or really, really wet…)

    The Vespa is slow enough I can really soak in the scenery; I like to go out on the Vespa for a Sunday morning run; although I haven’t done that for awhile. The Ducati, well, that’s not a bike for riding slowly… She can, but she’s quite grumpy with it.

    I’m at the point where I feel disappointed when I don’t take a bike; as if I’m missing something! (I am. And I hope the car drivers out there miss me…)

    And yeah, it hurts when you forget to keep the rubber side down. I always protection too; full jacket, pants, etc. Full face helmet, usually. (3/4 otherwise.)

    Hey – safe riding! 🙂

    Carolyn Ann

  3. Commiserations for giving up the bike – still hold out hope I’ll have another one, some day.

    And never forget, when you’re in a car, to make way for superior vehicles.

    You’ve got me going all nostalgic now!

  4. Alan > There's a biking season over here too – although nothing like the extremes of weather you mention. All good things come to an end, I guess. 🙂

    Carolyn Ann > Snow's very scary. The continual 'crump' as your tyres work their way through it and the occasional glide as you hit virgin snow rather than the compressed stuff you've been riding on. Not an experience I'd like to repeat.

    We (Mrs Jones & I) had a great holiday were went went out into the sticks on a big comfy bike. We pooted around the lochs and mountains gently. As you say, being on a bike makes you feel more connected. Despite having a helmet on, you get to see and feel much more than when in a car.

    I remember reading "Dress for the crash" on Roses a long time ago. Words to live by. 🙂

    Rachel > You never know, maybe you'll get your chance again.

    BTW, 'superior vehicles'? You don't mean beamers do you? 🙂

  5. Wot’s “Roses”? 🙂

    It was interesting at Yellowstone; the snow was higher than my tent… Although most of it was cleared from the roads, the sludge (from daytime melting) and the occasional bit that was missed were, well, “interesting”.

    On a different note, Manhattan is the only place I’ve ever had to employ off-road driving skills. “New York, New York. Named twice and paved once” as the VW ad said, not so long ago. I was on the Duc. I should write about that experience.

    Keep on ridin’

    Carolyn Ann

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