“They just use your mind,
And they never give you credit..”

Hi peeps,

What to write about today eh? Truth be told my mind’s been in such a spin today that I feel blank. The thing is I want to write something. I enjoy writing even if it is this old dribble. 🙂 Writing this blog is part of my weekend. It’s something I look forward to and when I miss a Friday – ironic considering I’m generally sh** at deadlines – I feel that in some way I’ve missed the mark.

So today? What can I say. It wasn’t a bad day, not compared to some of the bad sh** people have to wade through. Y’know one of those days where it’s got capitals and a bold font to drive the (hollow) point home. I think it was a build up of last few weeks of being absolutely red-line flat out at work and the feeling that it’s a continual struggle to just get stuff done. Sometimes it all starts to feel a bit Brazil, if you get my meaning. For those who like their myths: Sisyphean if you like. 🙂 Still, enough with the negative. Maybe my ego’s out of joint and I’m tired. Tiredness – as I’ve said before – seems to drive my mood more than anything else.

How about some good news? Okay. Chams is on Thursdays and every second and forth Thursday at that. Because of the way the calendar falls, every now and then there’s a gap… like this week. Luckily, I checked this time around to prevent a wasted journey.

This coming week there’s Cream on the Green although given the weather, it’s more likely to be an inside job: Dance in yer Pants, Impress in a Dress, Rock in a Frock, Jig in a Wig or Squeal in yer Heels (Ed: FFS!! Enough with the puns!). For a hoot, we’ve made it a movie theme, so it’s come along as a movie star or character. I did consider Wonder Woman but I couldn’t find any red boots 🙂 I won’t tell you who I’m going as, I’ll save that bit of news for next time.

I was going somewhere with this… Oh yes I remember now. The extra time gave me a chance to put a few movie-related tunes on CD and a multi-guess quiz for those who don’t want to cut any rug. Once everyone has done the latter, I could post that here if you fancy a challenge. 🙂

Well… considering my mind felt blank earlier, I seem to have waffled on quite enough for one sitting. Have a good weekend… and to those of you who are working… enjoy your time off when we’re all stuck at work ;-D

[ Today’s lyric (and at next weeks’ party), 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton ]

PS: If part-time trans folk had a patron saint, do you think it would be Dolly? 🙂 And if not, who else?

PPS: I also noticed that today is 8/8/8. Nice if you like palindromes or you are Bel-Shamharoth. Not so good if you’re a Discworld wizard. 😀


  1. As I was having the IV put in for my test Friday afternoon the nurse was commenting on 08/08/08 and asking what the name for that was and I couldn’t recall it; thank you! She also said that if it were something lucky perhaps she should by a lottery ticket; I told her if she thought so then perhaps she should buy it at 8:08pm…

    Dolly and Dusty were icons when Kylie was still an egg…



  2. Sorry it took a bit to find my way back down to here…no, we didn’t, and when I print the numbers no one else locally did either!

    My arm came through much better than my “innards” did, though dropping 4 pounds overnight was rather nice!


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