“I need high heels just to stand up…”

Hi folks,

I’m in a fickle mood this evening. I’ve got a post queued in drafts that I could use to fill space and earlier I was going to run off a tongue-in-cheek commentary on substituting the word ‘golf’ for dressing up. Y’know, along the lines of ‘I think about golk most days. I’ve got a cupboard full of clothes for golf and my wife doesn’t understand me’. Anyhoo, the latter ran out of steam so I canned that idea.

So what’s been going on? Well, holidays and work stuff out of the way, the fates smiled and I found myself attending a somewhat rainy meeting with the ladies who do (Ed: no, not like that) at NottsChams. It was great to catch up with friends – as it had been a month – some regular faces were absent, some others had returned.

Something – or rather, someone, was missing. That person was of course Daphne. Her not being there made it feel as if something had changed in the venue. Like the place had been redecorated and it no longer felt the same. I’m not saying she was part of the furniture, but you get my drift. The group – hell, the group dynamic if you want to be clever about it – had changed because she’s no longer with us. I think the loss of a friend makes you think. You think about them. You think about the people they knew and sometimes, it makes you think about your own life. Where are you headed? What if you where no longer here? Not who would miss you, but who would look after the people you leave behind. Family, friends, etc. Sh**. Cheery thoughts eh? 😀

On a more upbeat note I did a bit of shopping this week. Work had been difficult and I needed the distraction. I bought some new jeans for a few bob. They’re white and I feel both very 80s and a bit like a one of the Manic Street Preachers (have a look at the Motorcycle Emptiness video. You’ll see what I mean). Hoping the weather would improve and having tried some wedges when we (Chams) had a lady selling shoes visit, I picked up a pair at a bargain price. I wasn’t sure but a quick jaunt around town made my mind up for me. I kept them as they fit better than anything else available, weren’t insanely high and were a good deal less pricey than the others I tried. The photo was taken by Tracey (so a big thanks to her!).

Trousers again. This is proving to be a worrying trend. It’ll be flats next. Well, at least if I could get some in my size. 🙂 Talking of shoes (well, this is a trans* blog), I did see the most darling pair of coffee coloured Mary Jane’s in New Look. Maybe when the weather turns eh? 🙂

I hear that it’s that Sparkle time of year. To those of you making your way up to Manchester: safe journey and I hope you have a good time! It’ll be interesting reading about it.

[ Today’s lyric: Statuesque by Sleeper ]


  1. Hello 8… I had typed ‘Hi 8’ but isn’t that something else? 🙂

    Anyways…. thanks for the comment and yes, dressing down means at least that you’re not overdressed.

    “Sexy? No, no, no” – as the I-Ching of trannydom once sang: Girls Aloud. 😀

  2. Jeans and trousers are what I am relegated to wear on a daily basis, sadly. As a chemist, skirts and dresses simply aren’t safe. And being on my feet all day make heels greater than 2 inches simply too tiring and painful.

    But I am happy to say, you can still be quite girly even in pants. =) Honest. =)

  3. WB Liz 🙂

    Chemistry and fine clothing is not a good mix. One splah of chemicals and that’s another one for the bin!

    Anywoo, isn’t it how you wear things that matters? 🙂

  4. it is… you are absolutely right. Of course, with a lab coat hanging past my knees, an emphasis is placed on footwear, huh? =)

    And thank you… not that I truly went away so much as just lurked in the shadows. =p~~

  5. Another wandering returner – lovely piccy of you in your new outfit.

    No news this end other than playing catchup after two weeks away.

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