“I’ll kick with my Jimmy Choos…”

Hey peeps,

Blimey, I’m glad it’s warmed up a bit. It was (literally) freezing earlier this week (Ed: not that the British are obsessed with the weather). Not the type of weather to be stood about on a train station or waiting for a bus. Luckily, I didn’t have to do either this week. 🙂

Things are ticking along quietly at the mo. Sometimes a bit of quiet is very, very welcome. Excitement? Yes, it’s nice for a bit – like having friends round – but you don’t want them all the time. It’s good to be able to just sit back, have a nice cup of your favourite dried leaves/beans meets water + cow juice.

I’m feeling a bit of a lull in the Force. The TG Force that is, not the making robots-jump-about Force you see in the movies. However, I did get some new heels while I was out the other day. There was a sale on and after a quick stroll around the shop I found a nice pair of stillies I couldn’t resist. I was miles from home, so finding a quiet spot at the back of the shop, shoes off, heels on. No-one cared and no-one gave me a second glance. Just what I wanted. I suppose most people think ‘fancy dress’ or ‘stag do’. That’s normally what I hear from my (straight) mates if they get up to anything like that. That or they’re better liars than I am. 🙂

After queuing for ages I handed over the cash. The sales lady asked if I wanted any foot pads (no, not muggers) that shops have been flogging off. “Are they yours?” she asks slowly. “Yeah,” I reply because really a) who cares, b) she won’t remember me and c) I’m a long way from home. “Okay,” she says brightening. “We get quite a few gents in here for ladies shoes” she adds. Cue a conversation about the perils of dancing in heels (her) and that her feet would ache at the end of the night. Sure, we blokes are heavier, but I wonder if our big feet are designed to take the weight more than a woman’s dainty pinkies? Either that or we’re just out in them less. 🙂

In other news, I got my tickets for the Harmony party later this year. I’m not overly fussed about going *right* now, but once the magic of Christmas / Autumn kicks in, I shall be looking forward to it. A dinner and a dance – sounds rather fun. I wonder who else will be along for the fun and…. not that I’m obsessed… what will be in fashion…. and will it be cold? 🙂

Here’s to a relaxing weekend,

[ Lyric: The Sugababes with Red Dress ]

ps: Not that they were Jimmy Choos. I’m not that well off! 🙂


  1. So many times I think that certain devices and conventions are just forms of torture invented by men…

    Watched “The Holiday” the other night when I was off; dancing is bad enough but watching Cameron Diaz run in heels (probably fast enough to outrun me) gave my heart pause!

    So wear them if you must, but not enough to do permanent damage, k?


  2. Harmony? What did I miss? Tell, tell!

    Still haven’t mustered up the courage to try on shoes in a shop, or buy them either! Isn’t that why mail order was invented?!! LOL

  3. Alan > Cameron running about gives most of us blokes a bit of pleasure I feel. 🙂 I am still impressed when I see a well heeled lady run for the bus. It’s a knack.

    Maddie >

    Harmony? There was a thing on one of the forums about it. Link here

  4. Thanks Lynn. That looks mighty interesting and right on my doorstep too. I assume you are attending on Saturday evening?

    Anyone know where I can buy some confidence from?

  5. Ver ver tempting, but I’m sure I shall find an excuse not to go if you give me long enough! 😉

    Reckon I have a while to make up my mind though.

  6. Having feet that can just about squeeze into a UK size 9, Jimmy Choos are simply not an option. Unless Jimmy is thinking about branching out into shipbuilding, anyway.

    In fact, there isn’t a whole lot of choice, and my feet will always look more than a little wrong. As will the rest of me, if I add another two or more inches to my height.

    Ah well… maybe in the next life…

  7. Suomy > There are larger sizes if you know where to look…. although the fashion houses have yet to cotton on that women seem to be getting taller each year, not thinner.

    Next – although they're not Jimmy Choo – now do a 9. Barrets likewise. If you want a wider fitting, Evans have a designer range that goes up the numbers. My wifey has a pair of the latter and they're rather nice.

    Please don't fret about your height in heels. The idea of passing is over-rated (IMO).

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