“Praise you…”

Hi peeps,

This is my third attempt at a blog tonight. The previous two attempts I found that I had run dry of things to talk about. I could blame it on work, but that wouldn’t be 100% true. Some days, you don’t have anything you want to get off your chest. I guess I’m just having a trans duvet day.

I thought I’d catch up with what other folk have been up to. I headed into Chrissy’s blog (which is always good for a read) and I was…. [sighs] here words begin to fail me. I appreciate that that’s a bit melodramatic, but stay with me. I tell you what, why don’t you go and read what happened and if you like, come back.

No really. Off you go. This’ll make more sense if you do. It’s not like this is going to evaporate.

Back huh? I felt shock first but now it seems to simmering into righteous anger. I must resist the urge to rant, but, no ***k it: I f***ing despise this pack mentality thing that some people have going on. Picking on people who are different or abusing those who know or who are related to that person… It is wrong.

People like Chrissy make it easier for the rest of us. They dare to do it FULL TIME, not the occasional swish down a far away shopping centre or a dash from the car to a nightclub. I’d like to point out that it’s not about labels, it’s about people just have the right to be who they need to be.

Sometimes I feel like there is a war going on. A war against the stupid, the ignorant and the bigots. Of course, in a war, there are casualties. Some of us pay very dearly for fighting who we want to be. The lucky ones – people like me and perhaps even yourself – float through life and never see that conflict.

Chrissy, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry it had to be you and yours.


[ No points today for guessing the title is from Fatboy Slim’s track of the same name. Oddly, it’s also from Camille Yarbrough’s Take Yo Praise. I seem to recall that the subject of that song was Martin Luther-King (but I’ve been wrong before). Hmmm… Civil rights. ]


  1. I find this all considerably distressing. I’ve barely begung to learn about Chrissy through her blog. And now that option is gone. And she’s been deprived of a great deal more, an irreplaceable part of her life.
    For what? Someone’s momentary gratification of their inflated sense of self importance? The sadistic satisfaction of belittling another’s humanity?
    Sometimes the power of freedom of expression is easily and deliberately manipulated to disguise and condone emotional and verbal violence. Any power without justice is always only violence.
    Ignorance might be innocent and might eventually be overcome with knowledge. Prejudice and bigotry require some willful adherence to hatred. One of the less endearing attributes that sets humans below all other species.

  2. Sometimes even the c-word is inadequate for expressing my feelings towards the morons and the bigots.

    More and more I daydream about leading a crusade against deliberate stupidity and hatred, armed only with a megaphone and a tazer. Dispensing justice and common sense…

  3. Hi hon. How very sad for Chrissy. I don’t know the details…she didn’t give them…but she’ll be missed.

    I am currently boiling away a bit inside about how t people are treated.


    I’m back…By the way 😉

    Jo x

  4. Emma > I don’t know the backstory, but what has happened is, at the risk of repeating myself, just wrong. I wonder if we’ll ever get through to people like that.

    Pandora > I have a wonderful mental image in my head right now with you and that tazer.

    “Did you say ‘Ladyee’?” Bzzzztttt!

    Jo > Welcome back.

  5. Well, I didn’t expect an editorial post, Lynn… but thanks.
    Yeah, I’m back among the living, though for how long I don’t know.

    For all that everyone has said ‘it wasn’t your fault’ the most important person in my life seems to think that it is, and now I’m clinging on to her by my fingernails.
    It’s a long story and I don’t really want to tell it; I started to tell my GP today and couldn’t finish for crying.

    One day the whole story will come out. But not yet.

    Thanks for your very kind thoughts, girls, though I’m not sure I deserve them.

    Chrissy xx

  6. Welcome back Chrissy. If you don’t want to tell us, that’s fine. Somethings are best kept private.

    Just one thing…. please don’t beat yourself up over this. Okay?


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