“On Echo Beach, I watch the sun go down”

Howdy partners,

Just as double Maths on a schoolday drags out time, so a good time passes in what seems a blink on an eye. Still, it’s good to be back…. in the cold, the floods and to a (work) inbox that packed fuller than a Sparkle bound crossdressing suitcase. Still, work pays the bills which lets us go on these fancy jaunts.

So Sparkle? Did you go? Did you have fun? I missed it, although to be honest I had no intention of going. My trans batteries are feeling a little flat at the mo. I think it’s the summertime – although, it’s not like I can blame the heat right? 🙂

It’s funny because when I was away my imagination was bouncing ideas for blog posts like the lottery machine (Ed: ‘Release the balls!’) but now, faced with the time to actually put pen to paper – or more accurately, fingers to keyboard – I’m a bit bereft of content. Bugger. Ah well, I’ll get back into my stride later in the week. It’s been fun reading what the rest of you have been up to!

[ Today’s lyric: Martha & The Muffins – Echo Beach ]


  1. Hi Lynn

    Well we did go to sparkle, has a great time, the weather held off until sat night, got very tipsy, met some great friends old and new, and all in all partied.

    Talking of which hope to see you at our 25th birthday bash ‘cream on the green’ tomorrow night

    take care


  2. Hi Sandi,

    Glad to hear that you and her ladyship (!!) had a good time. Tipsy? You? And you think you know a person eh? 😀

    Tea on the Green sounds good, althought if the rain doesn’t hold off it’ll be a Romp in the Swamp.

  3. Ah, the great trannie summer vacation. I’m on one too. Looking forward to September again… when I really must pay a visit to Notts Chams.

    I’ll warn you so you can make your excuses!

  4. It was the 25th aniversary – so I’m told of the group – so I think a special effort was required.

    September? Sounds good. I would be nice to meet up and have a chat.

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