“If I only could, be running up that hill.”

Hi kids,

How’s you? Good I hope. After last week’s downpour, it looks like summer’s back.

No big a meaningful insights today I’m afraid. It is late and my creativity is ebbing as I flag from a full-on week. Excuses, excuses eh? Maybe the muse will come later on.

The Name Game

This is a silly thing that we do as a family. We watch out for streets or business that share the same name as friends and family. I hadn’t seen a good one for ages and then the other day I drove past a truck for Nolan Transport. That made me smile! There’s a shopfitters in Leeds which is almost my name – although as there are two partners in the business, it’s not quite perfect. 🙂

So, open mic time again. Any firms that share your initials or surnames?


Once in a while a blog post comes along that opens your eyes…. or in this particular case, makes you stop and think.

As a teenager I loved walking (stay with me, we’ll be back on the meaning of trans-ness is a mo). Just put my headphones on, grab a bottle of water and go and stretch my legs. This one time – on holiday in the Peaks – I set off to see what was behind the cottage. After an hour of walking uphill, I still hadn’t reached the top.

So it is with being TG (okay, maybe without the heavy metal soundtrack). It is a hill and when you first set off, it looks insurmountable. After a bit of climbing you’ll have hit a few false summits, maybe you’ll get into your stride.

Sometimes you’ll walk alone or perhaps there’s someone with you. Maybe you’ll start in the dark: sprinting furtively in bursts because you make the most of the short time you have. It’ll rain too; hard enough to make you fall down and cry, but when the sun comes out – you pick up your things and keep going.

If stop and you look back, you may be able to see where you’ve come from. If you want you can go back down. You can stay where you are and enjoy the scenery. For the curious or the brave, you can keep climbing…

I don’t know what’s at the top because I haven’t got there. Maybe there’s the perfect LBD, L Ron Hubbard or some type of trans nirvana. I wish I knew.

When I stop, I can see other folk on their walks too. Sometimes our paths meet. Occasionally they cross, but in the main, we all seem to be heading somewhere.

[ This week’s lyric: Kate Bush via Placebo ]


  1. A very touching post Lynn. I always find some ressonance in myself from your words. It is always just a journey and the less the destination intrudes, the more the journey seems to offer. Looking backs wards sometimes is good, seeing that point of light where you found a bit of warmth and comfort, or to see how far you’ve gone. And then letting go to move on and journey further. Sometimes we can even walk together fopr awhile.

  2. 🙂

    Good post.

    One thing I’ve found is that people rarely stop in the same place for long on the journey. So you need to make the most of it when you do meet someone on the way.

    (I really love the Placebo cover of Running up that Hill too).

  3. “So, open mic time again. Any firms that share your initials or surnames?

    Yeah, Williams. Their slogan is “Williams, best in beds”. No comment.

  4. and the less the destination intrudes, the more the journey seems to offer
    Truth perhaps then of the old adage about it being better to travel in hope than to arrive. Maybe we never ‘arrive’. Maybe Emma that it’s all ‘just a ride’. 🙂

    Good post.

    Thanks, Becky. I had some help at the start 🙂 Seriously though, yours was one of those time-stop posts where you do drift off.

    Re: connection, I guess that’s a bit like friends in the real world. You change, you grow and sometimes friends do that with you.

    ‘best in beds’

    So many thoughts, so few of them polite. No further comment indeed Rachel! 😛

  5. “better to travel in hope than to arrive”

    Just can’t see “this journey” ending (except with the onset of death) and nor would I wish it to either – afterall it can be fun, can’t it? Yup, that was rhetorical – at least I hope so, for all TGs anyway. 🙂

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