“Your girlfriends they can’t understand
Your grandsons they won’t understand”

Evening all,

Pop Pickers

In some ways, trans folk are much like indie bands. Some arrive on the scene, do a few gigs and disappear. You wonder where they went and what they’re up to now. Perhaps the everyday struggle against the daily grind wears them down and they simply give up. Occasionally bands will re-surface with a slightly different line-up, but you know you’ve heard these guys before.

The odd few may persevere and make the jump into the mainstream; shifting from My Space to the Big Leagues. Media appearances aren’t unknown and other indie bands may be looking up to them for inspiration (or if they’re ego-centric, knock them down).

A rarer few will shift sound completely and transition to a different musical state. Of those, some will never loose their indie roots, while others will leave them far behind, now concentrating on moving on with their life.

Change is Constant

So why the previous vignette? This week I’ve seen a few TG folk slip from the radar and others shift from TV to TS. Jo is taking a break from blogging about her life. Connie has decided to ease up on the TG lifestyle and find where she fits in the grand scheme of things. At some point you do have to switch off and take stock. I can dig that. On the other side of the coin, Chrissy’s taking a different path altogether. I wish them all good luck.


  1. It’s a good analogy 😉 I need to explore which musical direction I need to take…

    And like so often in the music biz, there are plenty of people around me who are trying to suggest I go one way or another. My record company has even said it will drop me completely if I don’t carry on with the kind of stuff they’re used to…the stuff that I used to be happy with but which now just doesn’t seem ‘me’ anymore…

  2. Nice post, and good analogy – we can all have fun on this lovely sunny day working out where we fit into it.

    I just cannot now get it out of my head that perhaps I could have been the St Winifreds School Choir of trannying. Sickly sweet, tasteless and of little practical use…

  3. Jo & Jessica > Thanks!

    Jo > Trying to court your auidence by giving them what they want may work in the short term, but it’ll leave you unsatisfied. Ignore the critics and go your own way.

    Jessica > It was indeed a very good Easter Sunday. Perfect weather. Well, every novelty act has its day!

    I had you pegged as Shirley Bassey: been there done that, but still capable of belting out a good tune (or fronting M&S) 🙂

    Oh how I wanted to be the Radiohead of the TG world, but no, I think it’s more likely to be Busted: entertaining, slightly camp but wanting to be taken seriously. 🙂

  4. I think I’m definitely more Busted than Bassey!
    In general I just follow what happens to be on the radio at the time. Seems to work for me.

  5. Trannies and indie music? I just don’t get it…Indie music is made by blokes who dress down – where’s the connection?

    Surely it should be disco, soul, torch songs, 60s girl group pop, opera? Or does that make me a gay old drag queen?

  6. At the moment, it’s definitely the music*. I only have a certain amount of creative energy to go round at my advanced age…

    *skirts can go down as well as up. terms and conditions apply

  7. Or more busty than Bassey? 🙂

    Stephanie > That’s your call, honey, not mine. 🙂

    Indie seems to have a high burn out rate – almost as much as pop – hence the tranny connection. As to drabness, seeing the change between trannys arriving to a ‘do’ and then leave en drab… the difference can be quite surprising.

    Anyhoo, they say to write about what you know. So, no commentry on opera, soul or 60s music. Ask me one on grindcore. 🙂

    Miss K > LOL. Skirts can go down as well as up Jordan vs Monroe. Discuss. 🙂

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