When shall we 12 meet again?


Good weekend? I hope so. Fabby weather!


Last week’s meeting was a bit different. We had an Annual General Meeting. You can tell it was important because it had capital letters (Ed: English is just an nationality to you, isn’t it Lynn?). Anyhoo, it went rather well (IMO). I had a bit of a wardrobe dilema over what to wear. In the end, I went for my hippy skirt (brown + tie dye), a biscuit coloured top, the usual fishnets (not back on to plain yet) and my favourite heels (not sure about flats yet). Someone said I looked like a secretary, which made me laugh! Maybe I’ll take a photo in to the admin team at work and swap ideas. 🙂

We had a full house with many of the usual suspects and regular irregulars coming along. The meeting kicked off around 8.30ish and there was a very good spread provided. For my sins, I had volunteered to take the minutes while Paula was – ahhh – chairwoman. The minutes are on the Chameleons’ forum if you’re really interested (see side panel for a link and then select the forum option).

Midway through we broke for nibbles and to sip some Bucks Fizz. Somehow, I ended up being bottle opener as most folk didn’t seem to like the sudden cork popping. Hint: twist it slowly and it won’t shoot off. 🙂

The group discussed a number of matters cooly and calmly (s that a word? Ah well!). So, the subs are up to 3 quid 50 (no biggie), we have some more volunteers to do the admin tasks (like tidying up, making tea, web design, etc) which can only be a good thing.

The group has been running for nearly 25 years which I think is very impressive. Although it would be very hard, it would make a fascinating documentary / book on who attended the group and where their life has taken them since.

Jane had even kept the minutes from the last meeting – way back in 1988! Wow, 1988. I was a teenager back then. While I knew I was trans, I was cool about it at that point. It didn’t start freaking me out until a year or two later. But, enough about me, what were you doing in ’88?


  1. Good to hear it all went well Lynn. Sorry to be absent (again!) but duty calls. I promise I will get there soon(ish!)>

    As for 1988 I too was a teenager. Discovering the excesses that regular paid work brought. You know, alcohol, alcohol and errr, alcohol. Oh and my first dodgy wreck of a car!
    I hadn’t by then discovered the Tranisphere and still believed I was one of a limited few who were weird. Funny how education improves your life huh!

  2. So your AGMs are every 19 years Lynn? Is that because no-one want to do the minutes then? And have all the actions from the previous meeting been erm, actioned?

    Back in ’88 I was a year into being a Dad, and working on number two son. Now I’m trying to get them out of the house so that I can dress in peace 🙂

  3. Maddie > No worries. Maybe next time! I don’t think the Tranisphere existing back then – unless it ran on FTP and WAIS. I bet there were BBS tho!

    Penny > lol. What can I say? NC are an easy going bunch! Meetings schmeetings. We were surprised that Jane had kept the minutes from the last one. Talk about a time capsule. Some of the names read out – of organisations of yesteryear – rang a few bells.

    Good luck with getting the house back! 🙂

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