“Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear”

Hey y’all,

Sick Note

Bit of a strange day today. I woke up feeling rougher than a badger’s behind. BTW, does anyone know the origin of that oh-so polite phrase? Can badgers really sand down a table with their bums? 🙂 More importanly, how do folk know? Maybe it’s a Vet thing. (“Pass the long gloves, son – oh, and hold my watch would you.”)

Anyway, a rang in sick and slept just about all day. Seriously, I’m beginning to think that I’m not trans but actually a cat trapped in a man’s body. I can sleep just about anywhere and I was chased by dogs last week. 🙂 Fingers crossed that I’ll be better for Notts Chams tomorrow night. Hmmm… what to wear?

Stone the crows Mary Poppins!

Earlier in the week, Wee Man and I were (again) down the park. This time we left the paint ball sniper rifle in the car* (“Run you fools! Run!” [splat]), bringing a kite along instead. I was in town the other day and there is was. Fabby colours, long tail string (with bows) and enough string to put it in near-earth orbit. I was sold. Five minutes later – and five quid later too – I was the proud owner of a kite. Ahhh…. Kids in the park. Jumpers as goalposts.

Now, our local park is out in the sticks and there’s pretty much a breeze 90% of the year. This time around I was glad we’d packed some hats. After a stint on the swings and the slides, I managed to persuade Young Mr Jones (note: he’s not called Indiana, that would be insane) to try a bit of kite flying. The thing was, the wind was so strong and the kite so big, I had a brief worry that he might go up with it! Luckily, that didn’t happen. We had about 15 minutes of letting the kite swoop and soar through the air before he got bored. Kids eh? 🙂 Hell, I was made up.


  1. Take the paintball rifle next time, there’s never a shortage of targets…
    For some reason, whenever my little girl walks on a cycle path (y’know, then green painted ones), she sings “Let’s go fly a kite”…
    She’s never seen Mary Poppins, to my knowledge.

  2. there’s never a shortage of targets…
    lol. Funny I thought the same thing during a meeting today. Perhaps it’s a good thing that we’re not allow live ammo or scissors at work.

    whenever my little girl
    Ooo, that’s kinda spooky. Why cycle paths I wonder? Kids eh? 🙂

  3. … we’re not allowed live ammo
    We’re not either. Doesn’t stop us.
    We’ve made grenades that fire dried peas and crossbows that will punch a quarter-inch sharpened bolt through 3mm sheet steel.
    They are proper killing machines, no body armour is proof against it.

    Sometimes it’s fun to play with metal and stuff…

  4. through 3mm sheet steel.
    lol. You’re not secretly part of the TG A-Team are you?

    I pity the fool who matches black tights with white shoes. 🙂

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