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New Words

I had originally done a little comedy skit about this, but having read it, I didn’t make me laugh. (If you were curious it was a mock Listen with Mother thingy, but it didn’t quite gel). So, you’ll just have to put up with the straight (!!) version.

Personally, I find language (and accents) fascinating. A few years ago I remember chuckling when a friend said that his dad (from way Oop Neurth) said: “Aye, I got ’em borth from t’internet”. T’internet or t’interweb. Those word seems to have done the rounds and you read / hear it in various places.

Anyhoo, one that seems to be doing the rounds at the mo – at least around our way – is the use of “tastic” as a suffix. Meat-tastic, transtastic, etc. How prevalent is this? Those of you who are ‘down with the kids’ – do you hear this regularly or is it just a midlander thing?

Fashions of yesteryear

Not content with ram raiding the 80s dressing up box, seems 70s bold prints are back this season. Personally, I’m not sure. I don’t fancy the idea of a diaphanous sack – sorry, smock-style top – or a wrap dress with a print THAT busy. It’s funny because sometimes there are some really nice clothes that come out and you think ‘yes’ or ‘that is sooo me’ – but not this time around. I’ve had a wander through the shops in the last few weeks and a look in magazines, but nothing jumps out at me. Still, saves the pennies doesn’t it.

Talking of old fashions, I was flicking through the television the other night and I caught one of Jasper Carrott’s old acts from the 70s. He had on a stripy rugby top, denim jacket and a big pare of flares. ‘Wow, they’re pretty groovy,’ I thought. I stood up to flick the kettle on and looked down. Hmmm…. rugby top, bootleg jeans and black & green trainers. So, it’s all just a little bit of history repeating right?


  1. S’true what they say isn’t it. Keep anything long enough and it comes back into fashion. My wardrobe on the other hand will never go out of fashion, purely because it has never actually been in fashion in the first place. A tad cliche perhaps, but for the larger part true methinks.

    Have to agree, I just cannot get on with the whole “smock top over trousers/jeans” thing. What is that all about?

    Nice to have you back anyway hon. Its been kinda quiet without you around.

  2. Hi Maddie – I like the new avatar. Very fancy! How did you do that? You’ve not been watching Take Hart again have you? 🙂 Hmmm. I wonder if anyone has *that* tune to load up when they visit their photo gallery? That would be top.

    Thanks for the kind words. You wait for one blog post and four come along at once! 🙂

    Hmmm… Fashion. I read the other month that square heels – rather than stillies – were the new thing. However, that didn’t come to pass.

    So, we’ve raided the 60s (minidress), 70s (bold prints), 80s (drainpipes, leggings and high heels). Are we on for a 90s tribute this summer?

  3. I might be wrong but I think “t’internet” is a Mark n Lardism.

    Ofcourse northerners would actually say “th’internet” 🙂

  4. Well, I’ve been inspired by Susan Kennedy’s vector art and just had to break out the virtual paintbrushes and have a go myself. Just painted over a picture.
    How did you know I’d been watching Take Hart? Music in question is probably (depending on how old you are!) Leftbank 2 by The Lance Gambit Trio. Copy and paste this (not sure I can insert an HTML link) to hear it accompanying Roger Moores eyebrows!

    Didn’t UB40 once do a tune for the infamous gallery? Early 80’s as I recall. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was though.

  5. Penny > “Oooo, there were like chalk and cheese those two!” 🙂

    Ahhh… those folk from that new fangled invention: radio. M & L, very much missed: especially Son of Cheesily Cheerful Chart Challenge.

    I guess it depends on how Northern you are on t’internet vs th’internet. (A bit like: “I’ve bin t’bank.”). Mind you, this is the Midlands, the cultural wasteland between North and South, so I’m probably not The Source.

    Maddie > It’s a nice icon. Next stop, Tate Modern! But where did you get that trivia from! [lol] UB40? You sure it wasn’t Motorhead? 🙂

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