Gift wrapped kittycats…..

Well, this paragraph on Becky’s blog has made my week! Isn’t it nice when something cool like this happens. Thanks, Becky.

“Last but not least I’m enjoying YATGB by Lynn Jones. The acronym stands for “Yet Another T-Girl Blog”, but Lynn is really selling herself short, she writes well and thoughtfully. Although she doesn’t seem to work in IT or own a motorbike, so I’m not sure why she’s trans.”

Why am I trans? Well, the short answer is because boy clothes are just too damned dull. I’ll give you a longer answer next time. Oh, I bet you can’t wait can you? 🙂


  1. From another tgirl who doesn’t own a motorbike or work in IT…I agree. You do write well 🙂

    (I would quite like a motorbike though. A pink one. And I would really like to know how to edit my blogger template using the HTML – I used to be able to do the old one but this new format has got me beat!)

  2. Thanks Jo! That’s very kind of you to say so. The cheque (for the pink Fireblade) is in the post! 🙂

    I know what you mean about the templates. Like you I’ve been poking around t’interweb looking for a new template. Nothing doing yet tho.

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