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Surprise Treat

This weekend H and I popped into town to get some of the Christmas shopping out of the way. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when you both work full time, Xmas shopping can be a bit of a panic. Luckily, someone invented the Internet and it’s now a lot easier. Plus, if you don’t want to wait, it seems a lot of shops will let you reserver and pick up the goods when you drop in. Instant prezzies and very little queueing. Good stuff indeed.

Once we’d got most of the presents out of the way, H stopped off to look at the shoes. She got some fabby new heels and some new tops. While we were having a coffee, she asked if I’d like anything. I said I was fine for shirts and whatnot (which was true). She took my hand and asked if I’d like any jewelry; perhaps a new necklace or something. I didn’t know what to say for a moment. This’ll sound sappy, but it truly made my day. I felt elated that she felt comfortable enough to be able to offer these things. I’m very proud of her…. and yes, I did say so.

Coffee, 80p. Silver bracelet, 5 quid. Acceptance from your spouse? Priceless.


Have you seen the new M&S adverts? They’re fantastic. You can’t go wrong with a bit of Shirl, but coupled with her, a camp opera version of Pink’s “get the party started” and the whole James Bond evil ice palace – it’s just the best. If a guy thought that one up on his own, I bet you five quid he can walk in heels and he’s got perfect eyebrows. 🙂

Dangerous Curves?

Last month I posted a little piece about Anne Summers and M&S doing more of these MagicKnickers style garments. Looks like Trinny & Suzanna have grown tired of pushing other poeple’s shapewear (not literally) and have released there own. If I see them I’ll give them the once over. I’m not sure I need some at the mo (the diet is paying off!) but come Christmas, I don’t want my skirts too snug.

By the way, do you think T&S will ever do a crossdresser makeover? It’s not like it’s not been mentioned enough on the forums. Dressing for your shape is one thing, but when your shape is prop forward, we need a little more help. 🙂

Xmas Party

Earlier in the week the NC group had their (should I say ‘our’?) Christmas bash. It was absolutely fantastic – probably one of the best nights out I’ve had all year (en femme and otherwise). I can think of only one other party (this year) that I enjoyed as much.

As to the build-up, I’d run a map off Google and I was more nervous about getting lost and not being able to find the pub. Luckily, the Saints where in a good mood and I found the place pretty easily. I managed to park up outside and bumped into Daphne on the way in. Fortunately for Daphne, I didn’t literally bump into her in the car. That would be bad wouldn’t it. 🙂 As it was special occasion I’d set off early (thanks H!) and I arrived in bloke mode. Or, as Sandi puts it as my “evil twin”. 🙂

The Liversage Arms is a lovely little old fashioned (in a good way) venue. No fake bricks or ‘aged’ wallpaper. The barman (Brett) was nice enough to point out I could get changed in the lady’s, so off I went. The only mirror was shared, so I just had to brave it. I had my wrap dress on, boots and I’d managed to actually get some cleavage using some zinc-oxide tape. I bet that’s not something you’ll see on Blue Peter!

Anyhoo, I’m just putting my face on (no wig yet – ooo, skinhead with lippy and eyeliner on. Scary!) when the door opens and in comes a young lady. I say hi and apologise for hogging the mirror and move up a bit. Mandi turns out to be the singer with the Karoke. We had a good chat about this that and the other which was cool. Turns out that she does the singing full time. No more meetings or getting stuck in the rushhour, she says. Sounds good eh? Eventually, I’m ready: comb my wig, do that strange upside down thing you do to get it on and I’m good to go.

[ As an aside, I bumped into Mandi again in the loo. I was reapplying my lippy. No really! Anyway, we got chatting again and she said that it was the first time she’d had a crowd like us. She was cool with the whole TG thing. She said we were quieter than she expected, which puzzelled me somewhat. ‘Why the age range?’ she asked. I guess it’s because it takes a certain amount of time for t-folk to either a) want to come out, b) want to go to a social group rather than just do their own thing or c) get the courage up to just do i t. It’s not to say that we haven’t had girls in their 20s come along, but in the main, it’s the 30 – 40s bracket. ]

It was nice to see so many people make the effort to come. Some people I knew already, some a hadn’t seen in a while and some I didn’t get around to talking to. The singer started the karoke off and she was very good. Hats off to her. I’m no singer, seriously if I’d been on Pop Idol, I’d be on the cringe-worthy bit at the start. Still, you don’t have to be a singer to be a performer do you. 🙂 After Yvone’s ditty, up I went to do a number. It was the first time I’d ever done Karoke – still, how bad could it go? The adreline kicked in and the music was playing before I had time to reconsider. Still, if I can walk out of the house like I do, singing in front of the group couldn’t be so hard should it? 🙂 Well, I just about managed to keep up with the tele-prompter. Clearly, I’m not designed to multi-task. Read and sing? Not with my simple (mostly) male brain 🙂

The evening then revolved around chatting with people from the good, good natured banter, enjoying the buffet and getting up to do more Karoke. While I doubt that The 3 Degrees (Daphne, Val and myself) will not be storming the charts anytime soon, I’m hopeful we did entertain if nothing else! 🙂

We had a raffle and I won a prize, which was an added bonus. My name got pulled out of the hat a few more times, but little angel that I am, I asked for a redraw because I’d already got something. It’s only fair really.

Eventually, the party wound down and by 1.30am I was back home grinning from ear to ear. Merry Christmas indeed!

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  1. Hi Lynn

    Well i think a good time was had by all eventually.

    Loved your comment about shopping with your wife, I bet it made your day!!!!

    You certainly had a good knight out, hope you will come to ‘the sausage’ again soon.


  2. Hi Sandi,

    Fancy seeing you here 🙂

    I think everyone got into the groove sooner or later. It was a top night out and not one I shall forget quickly. Maybe I’ll come again when it’s non-smoking 🙂

    As to the shopping, cherry on the cake for last week.

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