Flying visits

Hey kids! Say what time is it?

Well, call me Paris Hilton* because this and next week is going to be shopping and (with luck) dancing. Okay, more Paris CrossRoads Motel. So sue me. 😛


On Thursday, I had a happy jaunt around a local retail park with some of the girls from the Nottingham group. I spotted a nice skirt in Next (but I didn’t try on) and some nice shoes in a store down the lanes. I’d forgottern how nice it is just to stroll about with out a care in the world. I wonder if I can wangle a day off work for some serious shopping?


Next week is the group’s Xmas Do in Derby. That should be a blast. I’m really looking forward to it. I love a good dance. I just hope my feet don’t want to kill me by the end of the evening.

Later peeps.


  1. Ooh, had some good nights in Derby! It’s not known for a big tranny scene though. 🙂 Are you going to a “straight” venue?

  2. It’s certainly not a patch on Norwich. 🙂

    The Liversage Arms is the venue (should you feel like coming along) and as far as I know it’s tranny-friendly. I don’t think it’s a gay club, so does that make it curved?

    The local social group have one week at Nottingham and the other at Derby. We’re spoilt for choice in the Midlands. 🙂

  3. I’ve only really been out to Curzons, which is a gay club near my friend Sophie’s flat. If it wasn’t for Sophie I don’t think I’d venture so far for hijinks. 🙂

  4. Derby’s a perhaps a tad too far for a night out. Saying that, tho, we have a couple of girls come from Sheffield. Still, they only have to brave the M1 rather than the fens. Say, can you hear a banjo? 🙂

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